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Adapted Clothing & Warmth

The More Than Mobility collection of high quality adapted clothing features an array of helpful winter warmers, designed with comfort in mind.

From great looking nightwear and outerwear, to warm and comfortable products which help with a wonderful night’s sleep, we can offer everything you will need this winter to ensure that the long nights are enjoyed in warmth and comfort.

The collection features a range of fleece lined or knitted bed jackets, ideal for some necessary additional warmth. These quality bed jackets include the Slenderella Fleecy Bed Jacket in pink or blue, complete embroidered design and satin details. A warm double layered fleecy cape is also available as an alternative to the bed jacket. It is also ideal for sitting down for long periods in a cooler room.

The adapted clothing section features several items designed to make dressing easier for the elderly, disabled or incontinent. These items include the Men’s Magnetic Outdoor Jacket. This open back jacket is ideal for winter and helpful to people with wheelchairs, since its open back and magnetic fastening make for easier assisted dressing.

The ladies open back nightie is as practical as it is pretty. Designed for hospital patients and ladies with continence problems, the backing fabric of the dress covers the whole of the back, but can be adjusted and opened when necessary by the wearer.