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Keep Your Loved One At Home Longer with these NEW Telecare Products

Monday, July 28th, 2014 by morethan

Do you have an elderly family member or friend who you are worried about living at home alone?   Then check out these great new Telecare products that enable elderly and vulnerable people to stay in their own homes for longer and gives both peace of mind and independence.

Family & Friends Emergency Big Button Phone with Remove 2 Way Speech Panic Button

The Friends & Family Emergency Big Button Phone with Remote 2 Way Speech Panic Button will provide peace of mind and independence for you or your loved one in their home. Many elderly people value their independence highly. This telephone will give elderly people their freedom whilst offering friends and family the reassurance of knowing you can contact them “no matter what”.

The phone comes with a wireless pendant that works on the same technology as your cordless home telephone. The neck or wrist worn SOS button automatically calls five landline or mobile numbers set by you, one after another until answered,  then allows you or your loved one to talk through the pendent.

Like a normal telephone call, you or your loved can alert a friend or family member to your/ their situation (i.e. a fall, feel unwell) or take immediate action whether it be to call the emergency services or a neighbour or to arrange help with daily chores. With the added benefit of a talking keypad and speaking caller ID for those with limited vision.

For those who need closer monitoring the telephone can be set up to connect a call directly through to the pendent without the need to lift the receiver or press the button on the pendent.

Features of this phone include:

  • Full 2 way communication through the pendent/call button or telephone
  • No contracts and no need for central call centre – family and friends receive the SOS call
  • SOS button/pendent is rechargeable in the stand provided
  • Range between SOS button/pendent and main telephone up to 50 metres
  • Big Button keypad – ideal for disabled or visually impaired
  • Talking keypad and caller ID
  • Powerful hands free speakerphone
  • Stand by when fully charged 80 hours and talk time up to 6 hours
  • Signs for emergency call, low battery and pendent out of range alert
  • 80 phonebook memory,  1 SOS button and 10 two touch memories
  • Adjustable volume on the main unit with light for SOS and incoming calls

We even offer an optional additional pendent and wrist strap too!

The Friends & Family Emergency Big Button Phone with Remote 2 Way Speech Panic Button is available to buy on our website for only £99.99 ex VAT.   For more information and to buy today please click here.

Canary Care Discreet Monitoring Package

The recently launched Canary Care is a simply new system which enables elderly and vulnerable people to stay in their own homes for longer. The innovative, self-install system provides round-the-clock reassurance to families by discreetly monitoring movement, temperature and visitors.

Canary allows family or friends to see at a glance from their mobile, computer or tablet if everything is as it should be and will text and email you if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

For example, Canary will let you know:

  • If someone is safely out of bed and has visited the bathroom as expected
  • If the house is warm enough…but not too hot
  • If a visitor or carer has been unable to visit as planned.

Canary monitors many normal daily activities using discreet sensors that are placed around the house to check everything is as it should be.  It does not use cameras or microphones so you cannot be seen or heard.

It has been designed to be very easy to install without any professional help.  It does not require a phone line or broadband.  The sensors are wireless and can be stuck on the wall by simply peeling off the tape on the back of them.

A Visitor Card is also included which can be used by friends, carers, and neighbours. Simply ask the person to wave the card over the hub and their visit is recorded. You can then see online how often people are dropping in or whether care is being delivered as it should be.

The complete Canary package costs £225 for the upfront costs plus £12.50 per month for the monitoring service.   Costs excluding VAT where applicable. As a special offer for More Than Mobility customers Canary are offering 10% off the upfront costs.     For more information or to order Canary please visit or contact William Cotton on 01865 408366 and quote discount code MTMX10 to claim your 10% discount.   Valid for orders placed by 30th September 2014.

More Than Mobility Team

Are there too many charities?

Monday, July 21st, 2014 by morethan

Do you think that there are too many charities doing the same thing and competing unnecessarily? Well that’s what the chief executive of a leading blind charity thinks. She thinks it should be made harder to register a new charity and is having too many of the same charities really a problem?

Lesley-Anne Alexander, chief executive officer at the Royal National Institute of Blind People recently spoke out in a lecture at London’s Cass Business School and said “Quite often people will set up a charity in the name of a loved one and I understand entirely those reactions but is that really the best way to use that energy and commitment?”

Alexander says she would like the Charity Commission to introduce a stage in the form-filling to get people to research whether that help already exists before pouring effort into setting up what might be a duplicate project.

There are 160,000 registered charities in England and Wales, of that 21,120 are disability charities. The commission receives about 30 applications to start a new charity every week, though not all get established.

She felt that the bigger national charities have become more professional in recent years. They use their money efficiently and are likely to be very different from when they were founded. So rather than set up new small charities, perhaps people should join in with a bigger charity’s efforts instead?

Andy Ricketts, deputy editor at Third Sector Magazine, says: “There is an increasing awareness that charities need to operate efficiently and professionally and that the biggest charities are good examples of that. But other people in the sector would say that you can go too far and you don’t want to forget the reason why they set up their charity in the first place”.

However the chief executive officer of the RNIB adds: “Who’s to say that, just because there would be less duplication, this means that charities would achieve more?”

Do you think that there are too many charities and are they becoming too corporate? Here at More Than Mobility we believe that any charity no matter how many there are in the same sector has to be a good thing, as long as they’re set up for the right reasons.

More Than Mobility Team

Why is Euan’s Guide, a disabled access review website and app getting so much attention?

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 by morethan

The founder of Euan’s Guide, Euan MacDonald became disabled due to Motor Neurone Disease diagnosed 10 years ago, he got frustrated that the only way to discover if a venue was fully accessible was by visiting it himself. Euan has a ventilator, speaks with a speech synthesizer and uses a powered wheelchair to get around. To help him get about he started to note down the accessible venues in his home city of Edinburgh. Soon they had the beginnings of Euan’s Guide, a disability review website and smart phone app.

600 places have been reviewed by disabled people in 250 towns across the UK with 400 more reviews by the venues themselves. Six people now work for Euan’s Guide, including Euan’s sister Kiki MacDonald, who recently gave up her job in investment management to focus on the project.

It’s a free service and there’s no advertising because Euan’s Guide is funded entirely by the MacDonald family. It has been endorsed by JK Rowling whose mum had MS and Professor Stephen Hawking, who, like Euan, has MND. Euan MacDonald hopes the guide will cut out hours of phone calls and research for users and that it’ll remove the “fear of the unknown” when visiting somewhere for the first time.

Here at More Than Mobility we think Euan’s Guide is a fantastic idea as it allows users to visit new places with confidence. We also like the fact that they don’t just feature accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions – the site allows users to review places that they go to every day, such as stations, supermarkets and post offices – you can even review outdoor spaces such as parks or well-known locations such as London’s Piccadilly Circus. Venues can give more detailed information on their accessibility features.

If you struggle to get out and about, make your life easier and check out Euan’s guide.

More Than Mobility Team

Mobility Scooter Offers

Monday, July 14th, 2014 by morethan

We have some great offers on our mobility scooters online. Don’t miss out, save up to £300 on some of our Mobility Scooters today!

Some of our offers include:

Day Strider Mobility Scooter

ST1 Portable Mobility Scooter

£449.00 SAVE £50.00

Lightweight – breaks down into 5 small pieces for effortless lifting. Buy Now >>

Pride Colt 8mph Mobility Scooter

Pride Colt 8mph Mobility Scooter

£1,345 SAVE £50.00

Compact but powerful road legal mobility scooter. Buy Now >>

Royale 4 Mobility Scooter

Royale 4 8mph Mobility Scooter

£3,250.00 SAVE £300.00

Stylish, powerful 8mph Road Legal Mobility Scooter with range up to 32 miles. Great for on and off road. Buy Now>>

More Than Mobility Team

Don’t Forget Your Mobility Insurance.

Monday, June 30th, 2014 by morethan

After watching the BBC documentary “the trouble with mobility scooters” and coming to the conclusion that mobility scooters are generally a good thing. They just need to be used wisely.  We still highly recommend that you take out mobility scooter insurance to cover you for any accidents or if you happen to breakdown. As mobility scooters are not classed as vehicles, you can’t get vehicle insurance for them. Not all mobility scooter sellers provide mobility scooter insurance, but we do! Cover starts from as little as £1.53 per week. Our mobility scooter insurance covers both mobility scooters and powerchairs.

See some of the benefits below:

  • Full 24/7 Breakdown Recovery
  • Fire, Theft and Vandalism – will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your product if it is unfortunately stolen or vandalised.
  • Accidental Damage – full cover against loss or accidental damage whatever the cause. Our insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your product if it is lost or damaged by any accidental cause including fire, storm, theft and vandalism.
  • Public and Personal Liability.
  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Loss of Keys

We offer insurance that can cover you between 1-3 years. It’s your choice!

Although mobility insurance is not compulsory yet, the Department of Transport states: ‘Although it is not a legal requirement, an insurance policy is strongly advised.”  We therefore recommend that you take out insurance on your wheelchair, mobility scooter or powerchair.  For more information click here or call us on 0800 046 3949.

More Than Mobility Team

How to lose weight – the disabled way

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 by morethan

Movement is difficult for many disabled people, so it’s not easy to burn calories and stay at a healthy weight. You can stay at a healthy weight by monitoring the food you eat or you can exercise to burn those extra calories. Exercise as a disabled person burns more calories because of the extra effort you have to put into it. You may only be able to manage a few minutes on the treadmill but you’re likely to have burnt as many calories as the non-disabled person that was on there for longer than you.  We recommend that you use a heart monitoring device while training as your heart rate will tell you how many calories you are burning.

Some of you may be put off by going to the swimming pool as many pools have a hoist not a ramp.  Many feel that with a ramp you can discreetly get in and out of a pool while you can’t when using a hoist. When you’re already conscious about your body and getting into a pool full of able bodied users you know that they’re staring and it’s just not very appealing. It puts you off the whole idea.  When you’re ready to go for a swim we recommend that you go with a family or friend member for morale support and who can help you with getting in and out of the pool.

But it’s not just the staring. Even though public gyms may claim to be accessible, the reality can be different. Gym equipment can appear daunting for the beginner. For example hand-bikes, which are a great cardiovascular workout for paraplegics, the saddle is quite small or when pedalling it can be difficult trying to cling on. However many gyms offer a free session with a personal trainer. You can learn a lot about the gym equipment such as the stepping machine and the gym ball, as well as how to do stretches and twists, which are suitable for you. You may even decide to set up a small gym in your own home! You will feel so much better for it.

Here at More Than Mobility we know that not all disabled people are the same and many people may have many more difficulties achieving weight loss/ staying at a healthy weight. Your disability will limit the types of exercises you can do. So that’s where we recommend that monitoring what you eat has to come first.

More Than Mobility Team

BBC Documentary – The Trouble with Mobility Scooters

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by morethan

Last night The BBC aired a programme “The Trouble with Mobility Scooters”. Before we even watched the programme we feel the title already set the tone (we expected to see mobility scooter users in somewhat of a negative light). To our surprise the documentary was engaging/ interesting and even touching to watch.

There are now around 330,000 mobility scooters users in the UK today and rising. The UK has more mobility scooter users than any other country in Europe. For many mobility scooter users, their scooters are a lifeline offering them some freedom and independence. At the beginning of the documentary we met Hazel who suffers from chronic lung disease and who struggles to walk. She has had a mobility scooter for 5 years. She described having a mobility scooter “It’s my lifeline, I literally go everywhere on it…it’s a life saver for me”.

So what’s the trouble then? As mobility scooters are classed as a disability aid they’re exempt from the Road Traffic Act, which some road users describe as causing chaos. So to reduce the number of incidents the South Yorkshire Police has set up the mobility scooter driving school called Lifewise.  They’re very patient and warm hearted with the scooter users who attend the school (including Hazel). We got the opportunity to see older people live their lives to the fullest with the help of mobility scooters.

The documentary was light hearted in places. Dare we say it did make us chuckle at times, the programme could be quite slapstick in places. With a user taking a large carpet home at the back of his mobility scooter and another using towing a Smart Car. One woman in a shopping centre even stated “One Tuesday, it were that busy with mobility, I went home, I were fed up trying to dodge them.”

The conclusion drawn from this documentary is that mobility scooters are generally a good thing. They just need to be used wisely.   Also it is important when buying a mobility scooter to ensure you get appropriate training from a reputable dealer such as More Than Mobility.  We also highly recommend that you take out mobility scooter insurance to cover you for any accidents.   Cover starts from as little as £1.53 per week.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter, you will not be disappointed. As Hazel said it will give you freedom and may even become your life line. So shop our mobility scooters today!

More Than Mobility Team

Summer Mobility Offer: £50 OFF

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by morethan

Summer Mobility Offer

This Summer get £50 OFF when you spend £500 on mobility products! Simply enter code SUMMER50 when ordering online or when you call 0800 046 3949. Offer ends 31st July 2014.


Pride Colt 8mph Scooter

Pride Colt Sport 8mph Road Legal Mobility Scooter

£1,345 SAVE £50.00
Compact road legal mobility scooter with a range up to 26 miles. 

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Vienna Power Chair

Shoprider Vienna Powerchair

£899 SAVE £50.00
Portable lightweight electric wheelchair suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  

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Escape Lite Transit Wheelchair

Escape Lite Transit Wheelchair

£130.00 – LOW VALUE PRICE!
Lightweight transit wheelchair that’s practical and easy to transport.

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Single Adjustable Bed

Single Adjustable Bed + Mattress

£499.99 SAVE £95.00
Comfortable electric adjustable bed to help getting in and out of bed and to offer a great night’s sleep!   Choice of mattress styles.
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Low Value Rise & Recline Chair

Wallhugger Rise & Recline Chair

£495.00 – LOW VALUE PRICE!
Comfortable electric riser recliner chair to help you get in and out of your chair.   Save space with this wallhugger in choice of attractive colours.

Buy Now>>

More Than Mobility Team

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by morethan

June is Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Awareness Month.  Over at the Motor Neurone Disesase Association, they see the value in raising awareness of this disease as it enables them to back more crucial research into the causes of MND, to help bring a cure closer.  Their theme is called VOICE; encouraging people to spread the word for MND sufferers when their voice might be getting fainter. MND affects the motor neurones or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages gradually stop reaching muscles, which leads to weakness and wasting leading most sufferers to become registered disabled.

Here at More Than Mobility we don’t want any disability to stop you from living independently or to disrupt your lifestyle. We therefore provide a wide range of disability and mobility products to suit your specific needs. So do visit our website and take a look at some of our products on offer today!

More Than Mobility Team

Disabled People At Work Exhibition

Monday, June 16th, 2014 by morethan

A photography exhibition has opened up in Liverpool. The aim of this exhibition is to dispel the myths about disability and employment.

There are large photographs taken in the city and from countries across the world, Working Lives: Here and There shows active disabled people in their places of work.

The images have been created to challenge negative myths surrounding disability and employment. Colin McPherson, the photographer who put the show together, says: “I wanted to produce something that looked positive, direct, optimistic and powerful,” and for this the disabled subjects had to be seen working productively, he says.

If you live near the exhibition, we recommend you try and get down.

This free exhibition will run from 12th Jun 2014 – 25th Jul 2014 and is held at 43 Castle Street, Liverpool. More information can be found here.

More Than Mobility Team