Needs Assessments by Social Services

Anyone who appears to have a need for care or support can request a needs assessment through their local social services;regardless of the ‘level’ of those needs or the person’s financial resources. Even if you as the carer are providing all the care the person needs, they are still entitled to an assessment.

A health and social care assessment is done to find out what help and support you may need like on-going healthcare, mobility equipment, help in your home or residential care.

In some areas, social services ask local independent organisations or occupational therapists to carry out the assessment, but arrangements should still be made through social services and they should explain who will carry out the assessment. The assessor should be trained and where particularly complex needs are involved, an assessor with specialist expertise or knowledge should be involved.

The assessment meeting will normally be carried out face to face, usually by a social worker or another trained professional. The meeting should be carried out in a convenient and private place, usually at the person’s home.

The assessment should consider the following:

  • the person’s needs and how that impacts on their care
  • the things that matter to them, for instance, a need to help with getting dressed or support to get to work
  • their choices and goals, for example if they wish to take up a new activity or maintain relationships, and preferences for their day-to-day care
  • the types of services, information, advice, facilities and resources which will prevent or delay further needs from developing, helping the person stay well for longer (for example, the local council may offer them a period of re-ablement to reduce needs and regain skills, before completing the assessment)
  • the needs of their family

To apply and see if you are eligible please visit the Government website and enter your postcode into the box.  Alternatively if you have recently had a needs assessment and need help with purchasing mobility equipment then do take a look at our website or give us a call on 0800 046 3949.

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