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Autumn Feeling…..UK Older People’s Day and NEW Rise and Recline Chairs

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 by morethan

Grey skies over most of the UK signal that we are well and truly into the Autumn but at least there are some new things on television to keep us entertained!  Are you a Downton Abbey fan after the first episode or is Spooks more your cup of tea?  Personally I always feel that new Antiques Roadshow episodes on Sundays are the signal for doing some sorting out for the winter months ahead!

Of course we know that many of you are very active members of the community in spite of dealing with mobility problems so we hope you are already aware of Older People’s Day which is happening this Friday 1st October.  Click on the following link to find events near to you:  (We prefer the Full of Life name rather than Older People’s Day!).   Events are taking place all over the UK and not just on the day so hopefully you can find something to enjoy. 

Turning back to those winter evenings ahead, we have some ideas to keep you comfy and cosy this month.  All our More Than Mobility rise and recline chairs come with free UK courier delivery and no quibble 7 day returns policy for peace of mind.

  • Rise and Recline Chairs.  When we take into account the colours, styles and options we must have hundreds of rise and recline chairs for you to choose from.  You can have a single or dual motor rise and recline chair with single motor starting from £375, which is great value when you consider it includes free courier delivery.  For dual motor rise and recline we have models starting from £599 – our Nevada dual motor rise and recline chair is on special offer.
  • Leather Rise and Recline – ever-popular for its look and durability we always have lots of orders for our special offers on leather rise and reclines. Try the Lars leather rise and recline at just £549 – currently available in all colours, as we have just brought our stock into the warehouse.  The Sven rise and recline is very similar but with a larger seat width and is priced at £599.

NEW Rise & Recline Chair Products!

  • Petite Rise and Recline. The rather boringly named C1-WA Petite Rise and Recline chair is now available at a price of £550.  It features wooden arms that some customers have told us they prefer – so we have added this new rise and recline to the range.  We think this model is rather stylish and has a real designer look to it.  This is a petite rise and recline so if you are interested do remember to check the dimensions.
  • Pride 670 Dual Motor Rise and Recline with MATTRESS option.  This is a real boon for households where being able to add a custom mattress to a rise and recline chair can fit a particular need.  The Pride 670 dual motor rise and recline chair itself is a quality rise and recline at £799 (special offer price) and you can add the mattress for an extra £138.
  • Custom Made Rise and Recline Chairs.   We have the option to have rise and recline chairs made specially for you and we will be putting more details up on the website soon but if you would like details we are sure that our prices are very competitive – do give us a call if you would like to discuss having a rise and recline chair made to your own specifications on 0800 046 3949.

Scooter Accessories, Batteries and Service

Lots of customers renew their scooter and powerchair batteries around this time of year plus have a service to be sure of everything being tiptop through the damper months.  Remember too that specialist designed Scooter Kapes keep you dry all over and Scooter Storage Covers are ideal whether you are storing your scooter or just keeping it dry between journeys.  Lots of colours and options available on our website or  just give us a call on 0800 046 3949.

Finally don’t forget More Than Mobility also supply Slippers, Boots and lovely stretchy socks all available now – we stock Cosyfeet and Kosycomforts! 

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Three new products and topics for you today!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 by morethan
  • Baths and Helpful Products for Bath Time!
  • Stair Lifts – don’t feel cut off from half your house
  • Cosyfeet – New on More Than Mobility

Baths and Showers

We all know that the world divides into Bath people and Shower people.  As mobility becomes restricted many people sadly think that the days of a nice soak in the bath are over.  But before you go down that route have a look at the wide range of products that can help you keep on enjoying the tub.  If it’s just a bit more support that is needed then have you considered installing grab rails or perhaps a bath lift?  Bath Lifts come in lots of options from ones that don’t need any installation right through to full installation models. 

If you need a Walk in Bath then we have a quality range for you to consider and if you haven’t looked at them before we think you will be surprised at how much the walk in bath designs have come on in the last few years.  There are even ones that really take into consideration households with both shower and bath lovers by providing a low entry door (Duet Walk In Bath).  The Duet Walk in Bath even comes with an optional 16 jet spa system!

There is a wide range for you to have a look at by clicking here.  Once you have had a look just call one of our team for advice – we’ll be happy to help. 

Stair Lifts

We often chat with customers who are considering installing a stair lift at some point in the future. The stair lift prices we show on our website are illustrative as each installation has to have a site survey before we can issue a firm quote – all stairs are different and your home has to be surveyed in order to ensure that the right model and installation can be quoted.  Our free quotes are on a no obligation basis.

If you want a quote now, even if it will be a while before you want to go ahead that is absolutely fine – we understand that these are large purchases and it is helpful to have a proper quote to help you make a decision or plan your budget.  So do call if you would like a quote – just talk to the team on 0800 046 3949.  The good news is that when you want to go ahead we are usually able to arrange very quickly – our record is same day – or settle on a date in the future that works for you.

Cosyfeet – Now Live on More Than Mobility

Extra wide, extra deep and extra roomy shoes, boots and slippers from Cosyfeet.

We are delighted to announce that we have become a Cosyfeet stockist.  You can order directly through by clicking here. 

We have chosen Cosyfeet because their products are high quality and they offer a great service.  We first encountered Cosyfeet when one of our team was ordering for her mum who had an attack of gout and Cosyfeet were a real life saver.  Mum, who is a smart dresser, absolutely did not want to have to go out in slippers but her normal shoes were just too painful.  With a set of Cosyfeet slippers for indoor and boots for getting out and about she was able to get around much better and with a lot less pain. So if you need a wider fitting shoe or straps with extensions to cope with bandages etc., then Cosyfeet is a great range to consider.  They have really considered how to make their shoes comfortable whatever options you might need.  And it’s hard to feel good if your feet are hurting.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team