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New Mobility Products & Services from More Than Mobility…..

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 by morethan

This week we have a great new Fusion Powerchair plus we are trumpeting the launch of the new and improve Liteway 3 Balance Portable Mobility Scooter. In addition we also want to reminder you that we can order new batteries and chargers for almost all mobility scooters out there.  Just give us a call on 0800 046 3949 and if you order before noon we can delivery them to you for next day delivery!

New Powerchair!  

Introducing the new Pride Fusion Powerchair.  The Pride Fusion Powerchair is new to the market.  Highly manoeuvrable, good in tight spaces but retaining traditional rear-wheel drive performance.  Featuring power tilt options and a maximum speed of 4mph this model is available in a range of colours.  With a 63.5cm width and 89cm length (without foot riggings) we think this could be a firm favourite in the market.  Priced at £2,295 as standard and there are different options available so please visit our website or call us on 0800 046 3949 for a quote. 

New Enhanced Mobility Scooter design

Liteway 3 Balance Portable Mobility Scooter - still only £999!

  • Free Swivel Seat worth £46
  • Light weight – only 47kg
  • NEW Magnetic Stabiliser Wheels – offering increased stability and superb manoeurability

The Liteway mobility scooters are very popular, particularly where overall weight of the product is an issue.  At More Than Mobility we find that they are easy to handle and dismantle, partly because of the tubular construction.   Their open design makes for extensive legroom, combined with front and back suspension it makes for a great ride.

The manufacturer has focused on creating a great hill-climber in a portable mobility scooter.   Plus the new Liteway 3 Balance benefits from Magnetic Stabiliser Wheels which offers increased stability and superb manoeurability.   We are offering the new Liteway 3 Balance mobility scooter with a free swivel seat worth £46.   

The Strider ST1 Portable Mobility Scooter is back in stock!

  • Our most popular compact portable mobility scooter is back in stock for 2011.  The Days Strider ST1 Portable Mobility Scooter is available in a choice of blue or red at just £399 for online orders (£425 for telephone orders).   Visit our website for more details.

Mobility Scooters – Accessories, Batteries and Chargers

We know that it is not quite Spring yet but from an increase in calls this month we also know that many of you are very organised and getting ready for the better weather that we all hope is on the way.

Whether you bought your original mobility scooter from us or not we source batteries and chargers for almost every model – and all at great prices.  If you need a new mobility scooter batter, charger or even a new basket, cape or cover we are here to help – just give us a call on 0800 046 3949 and we can have everything delivered direct to your door. 

New to the Website – FREE Hearing Tests in your own Home

Hearing is a contentious issue – some of us probably need a hearing test but convince ourselves that these days people just mumble!  If you suspect that it may be your hearing rather than everyone else’s diction we have a new service to offer you.  Have a FREE hearing test at home and find out once and for all.  Our qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist Partners, AIHAS can do an at FREE home hearing test and advise you on suitable products if it turns out that a hearing aid is the right option.  If you don’t need anything they will tell you that too and you can feel fully justified in telling people to speak more clearly! 

For more information view our new hearing section on our website or call us on 0800 046 3949 to book an appointment.

With all our best wishes and looking forward to a speedy entry into Spring.

The More Than Mobility Team

February Furniture and planning for the Spring!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 by morethan

With tennis out of the conversation (there is a Scottish element to the team), Torres the subject china rage (one of the team is a passionate Liverpool supportor who sadly could not continue to drink out of a Torres mug ….) conversations this week had to be carefully crafted!   However a couple of the team were off to Liverpool for the day to meet with a supplier and the weather filled the gap.  It was glorious – sharp but lovely and sunny.  Liverpool itself was a revelation with beautiful classical buildings and smart warehouse conversions arrayed along the river.  However, while spirits were lifting and thoughts were turning to Spring in the North West our colleagues elsewhere were huddled indoors watching a deluge and thinking that Winter will never end!  It’s amazing how different our experiences are even though we all live on a relatively small island.

If you are fortunate enough to be benefiting from a bit of sunshine then perhaps your thoughts are turning to Spring and you are planning trips or a bit of spring cleaning and updating.  We can’t say often enough – if you have a Mobility Scooter it is so important to maintain your batteries properly.  Please  follow the manufacturers guidelines and they will give you great service – if you don’t then you will one of the many who, come Spring, kick themselves.  More Than Mobility’s prices for mobility scooter batteries are very competitive, but no one likes spending money they don’t have to!  If however, your mobility scooter batteries are just at the end of their natural life then please do give us a call 0n 0800 046 3949 and we will quote for new ones to be delivered direct to your door the next day.  As well as batteries for your mobility scooter we can also supply mobility scooter covers together with mobility scooter kapes in a variety of sizes for you to wear and keep the wind and rain out.

Mary Queen of Shops (we love her no nonsense style) was out and about in furniture shops recently and she was tackling a sofa shop where they did not seem to care whether the furniture they sold would even fit in the customers’ home and they ran continuous promotions of the type we all know – really we could not believe that the tomato coloured sofa was ever £3,000 never mind the fact that someone actually bought it ( but perhaps the colour did not come across well on the television!). 

We sell furniture that is mostly about function, Rise and Recline Chairs or Electric Adjustable Beds that allow you to sit up or rest in the most comfortable position.   But we also want you to be able to choose something that will fit well into your home in both style, colour and fabric design.  We have a very large range for your to choose from – remember also that we can send out fabric swatches so that you can make sure that the colour is exactly what you want before you place your order.  In fact our best selling lines in rise and recline chairs are:  The Chicago Rise and Recline Chair - best selling colour oatmeal (very nice and neutral) and our Lars Single and Dual Motor Leather Rise and Recline Chairs - best selling colours black and cream.  When we started in this business we were very anxious about making sure we had the right range of colours but it seems that we Brits are quite conservative although there is a more adventurous sections of customers who are partial to Burgundy and a bit of Terracotta (both of which are available in a variety of different styles of rise and recline chairs).

If you are considering purchasing an Adjustable Bed remember that there is a wide range of both divan styles and wooden frames as well as a choice of headboards.  Some models come with drawers but do remember that drawers can be heavy and unless you are really pushed for storage space we would recommend keeping it simple.  Remember also that we can offer hospital beds” i.e. beds that raise up and down horizontally which can be a real boon for carers or partners who then don’t have to be bending as much.  There is a bit of a trade off in looks but they are much improved in looks from a few years ago.  It is also worth considering all the options when you are making a purchase that is for the longer term.  Remember also that we stock over-bed tables or wooden bed tray tables which are great for resting books or bits and bobs and keeping everything together.  As someone who habitually loses my second knitting needle whenever I have put my knitting down for a minute I am considering my options!

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team