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Mobility Scooters & Early Spring Offer Reminder: £50 OFF orders over £500!

Monday, March 19th, 2012 by morethan

Do the first really sunny days of spring have you setting out and about or fretting that you need to get the window cleaner in and the dusting done? Seems like many of you are opting for out and about and what better way than with a mobility scooter?

This is a very busy time for the More Than Mobility as our mobility scooter summer stock has started arriving in the warehouse – they come in containers and pallets so there is a lot of shelf dusting in the warehouse before the fork lift trucks get going on storing it all nicely ready for despatch out to customers all over the country. The warehouse doesn’t have to worry too much about spring cleaning but in the office we are definitely getting out the dusters as these lovely bright days are showing our housekeeping up!

Already have a Mobility Scooter?

You may just need some new mobility scooter batteries or a service – whatever you need we should be able to help so just give us a call on 0800 046 3949 or order online here:

Remember to check your insurance too – we always recommend that mobility scooter users take out insurance so if you have not got round to it yet do check it out here:

At only £75 per annum with an extra 3 months FREE we feel it is extremely good value and essential for peace of mind.

Thinking of a NEW Mobility Scooter?

The good news is that prices are staying very keen this year – starting at just £399 for the Sterling Little Star (excellent entry level portable mobility scooter, but note not for the very tall).

We all know that everyone has to budget well so check out these great prices…

Mobility Scooters on Special Offer!

Announcing new Mobility Scooter range from Days/Patterson Medical

We are now offering a new set of mobility scooters from Days/Patterson Medical to go with the rest of their popular Strider range (ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4 standard and ST6)

Need More Information?

If you are considering buying a mobility scooter we have a general Guide to Mobility Scooters and a “Best For” brochure that can help when faced with so many different models. We put them together because we know when faced with such a wide range many people struggle to identify just the right model. Both brochures are free – just give us a call or fill out a brochure request form here:

And of course remember that if you want to chat through your budget and options our team will always be happy to help.

Reminder: Early Spring Offer: £50 OFF Internet prices on products over £500

Calling all orders over £500 – SAVE £50 – our early spring offer is still on – spend over £500 and get £50 off – available only until 24th March 2012 so do call and place your order soon! Available on all ranges including rise and recline chairs, mobility scooters, electric adjustable beds and electric wheelchairs.

With very best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S. We also have lots of lovely single and dual motor Rise and Recline Chairs in stock in a wide variety of colours and finishes – choose from our all year round stock in fabric or leather.

Early Spring Offer: £50 OFF any orders over £500!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 by morethan

It must be almost spring – we have had at least three seasons already this week – rain, hail and sunshine and the week is not over yet!  The miniature daffodils are looking well watered but a bit battered and the camellia must be wondering why it bothered opening up all its gorgeous blossoms as quite a few have ended up beaten to the ground!

So since the weather isn’t going to we thought we would brighten up the rest of your week and offer you £50 OFF any orders over £500 until Saturday 24th March 2012 – that is a great saving so if you were considering a purchase now is just the time to seal the deal!

If you fancy a new mobility scooter or a new rise and recline chair just have a browse and pick one out – we’re here to help and can have it delivered in a jiffy.  

Special Portable Mobility Scooter Offer
Our portable mobility scooters start at just £399 but we know that this is just the time of year that many of you will be considering a portable mobility scooter so we don’t want you to miss out on the Early Spring Offer.  Buy scooter insurance and a mobility scooter cover or a mobility scooter bag and we’ll offer the £50 off your total purchase!  You will be all set to pack your portable mobility scooter into the boot and take off.

Other Product Suggestions

  • Our larger 8mph mobility scooters start from £999 – we have a wide range and are sure to have just the right one for you.  
  • Our rise and recline chairs come in single or dual motor and in a wide variety of finishes from leather in black, brown, cream and burgundy to fabric covered rise and recline chairs in every colour you would wish for to complement your existing décor.
  • Of course we can also offer a wide range of electric adjustable beds that can be ordered with different specifications for partners – no more fighting – you can each have the mattress and firmness you require without compromise.  Enhanced comfort and a little bit of help where it is needed make life just a bit easier.

Our £50 off offer is across all products, even our electric wheelchairs.  Our team will be delighted to help – just give us a call on 0800 046 3949 and quote “SPRING50” when ordering online or by phone.

With best wishes

More Than Mobility  Team

P.S.  Warehouse just called to say that the Sterling Little Star Portable Mobility Scooters will be in the warehouse this week – great little portable scooter which has proven to be very reliable.