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Travelling with mobility equipment – seeking the summer sunshine?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 by morethan

The wide variety of travel mobility scooters means that there is bound to be a model suitable for your needs but it is worth taking a little time to assess your requirements to get the model that is just right for you.

With portable mobility scooters there is often a trade off between the weight of its components and the amount of space you need to transport it.  For example the super compact Luggie Portable Mobility Scooter fits into a relatively small space, neatly folded into a suitcase size with a carry handle and integrated pull along wheels.  Perfect you say – just what I need – and it may be just that.  However the single folded-down Luggie is quite heavy and for some people a bit too heavy to lift so they need to go for a mobility scooter that disassembles into more parts where each part is a comfortable weight for lifting.  The parts won’t fit into the same compact space as the Luggie but each is manoeuvrable and can make lifting feasible.

We recommend that you make a list of the things that you want to be able to do and any restrictions that needs to be taken into account.  That way we can refine the list of mobility scooter models for you to consider.  We have a guide to mobility scooters that helps give you ideas so do request a copy in the post by calling 0800 046 3949.

Alternatively visit our dedicated Mobility Travel Products page on our More Than Mobility website which features some of our top travel related products to make your travels easier.

Flying with your mobility equipment

The regulations relating to travel for people with disabilities have really tightened up over the years to make getting around more equitable.   Flying is possible with mobility scooters and electric powerchairs.  As these products have become more popular airlines and airports have had to adapt to stay compliant and it is becoming more common for people to travel further afield.

With the current weather in the UK we are hoping that June does turn out to be lovely month the weathermen are predicting but it might be worth considering hedging your bets with an overseas trip or two.

Inevitably there are lots of issues to be taken into consideration when flying and there are many tales of woe where people have turned up at the airport only to find that things don’t go smoothly.

The BHTA (The British Health Trade Association) and the CAA have been working to develop processes to improve the transportation of mobility equipment by air.  If you are travelling we strongly advise viewing this very informative video called One Team, One Goal, narrated by Tanni Grey-Thompson by clicking here.

It details the process that the airlines have to go through to ensure that your mobility equipment can be transported safely – and arrive undamaged.  It is interesting to see the detail as it casts light on why problems can arise.  For example it may be that the first leg of a journey is on a large plane with plenty of clearance into the hold but another leg might be on a smaller plane with less.  It is not just the overall weight that they have to take into consideration but the pressure on the aircraft floor.  It also deals with batteries and where each type of mobility equipment battery needs to be carried – some go in the hold but some in the cabin, for example.   Although this will particularly appeal to the information geeks out there, it makes sense for everyone who wants to travel with a mobility scooter or powerchair to watch – 20 mins run time and it could save hours of hassle or a ruined holiday later on.

Giving plenty of notice and being ready with the information needed can only help things go more smoothly.  The BHTA has also compiled a database of the relevant information you will need and it is available here:

Remember though that if you have had any non standard items fitted you might need to double check dimensions such as overall height. Being prepared might not guarantee you and your mobility equipment a perfectly smooth trip but it’s worth investing a bit of time.

Finally More Than Mobility is pleased to confirm that we have teamed up with Premier Care to offer travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions.   We know that many people struggle to get cover for themselves/family members if suffering from pre-existing or terminal medical conditions.   Premier Care offers cover, without age limits, for all types of pre-existing medical conditions for single or multiple trips.  For a no obligation quote please visit our Travel Insurance page.

With very best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Easter and new Mobility Scooters

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 by morethan

One of the team drove out to West Wales last week via the Brecon national park and reported that it was the most beautiful drive she can remember – all the fields were lush and green and the lambs really were gambolling.  Brilliant sunlight, long shadows over the mountains – just bliss.

Staying overnight at a farm B&B the farmer’s wife said that they had just lambed over a thousand ewes – later in conversation it turned out that the whole farms heritage flocks had been culled during the foot and mouth outbreak.  To look around it was a thriving vibrant farm employing quite a few people – we were really struck by how resilient these lovely people have been (we privately resolved to only eat British lamb in support in future). We hope that the bad weather in recent days has not been too disruptive for them as it is a busy time.

But back to some outward bound of our own – this is traditionally the time when people are considering a new mobility scooter or an upgrade and we have some super new and tried and tested models for you to choose from.  Whichever takes your fancy, do make sure you take out insurance for peace of mind.

Breaking News – New Drive Medical Mobility Scooters

There is a new range of 8mph scooters from Drive Medical launching and available from this month.  The Cobra looks very sleek and we assume that the name comes from the distinctive tiller design … (usually we can’t work out how the naming process works!)

Mobility Scooter & Electric Wheelchair/Powerchair Batteries

We are in the midst of the usual pre Easter rush on batteries – those of you who have not followed the guidance on over winter maintenance often find that just as you want to get out and about your batteries are not up to the job.  We do always send out reminders at the end of the season and throughout the winter reminding owners to charge mobility scooter batteries regularly (ideally every day after use and if not using it then around at least twice per week).  We want you to get the maximum value from your mobility scooter and that means taking care of the batteries.  If you just forgot or yours are at the end of their natural life new batteries available from as little as £45 a pair

To soften the cost if you bought your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair/powerchair from us we will give you a 10% discount off new batteries if you purchase before April 27th 2012.   You’ll need to call us on 0800 046 3949 to take advantage of this offer and give us your original scooter model and the address.

National Motorhome Show

More Than Mobility will be having a stand at the National Motorhome Show from 27th – 29th April, Peterborough Showground.  We will have lots of mobility scooters, wheelchairs & useful daily living aids – come and see us at stand 49. We would be delighted to see you at the show – do drop by and say hello and we will be delighted to demo any of the products on show for you.

With very best wishes, we hope that you have an enjoyable Easter.

More Than Mobility Team

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