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The Queen’s Jubilee & Special Jubilee Offers

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 by morethan

Jubilee Weekend just around the corner!  Don’t forget to take us up on our SPECIAL JUBILEE £50 OFF OFFER for any orders over £500.  This offer is only available for More Than Mobility’s customers until next Tuesday 5th June and obviously there will be no more Jubilee Offers until ……good question – we don’t know when the next significant jubilee would be ….70 years??

The Queen has been whizzing around the country and this weekend will see the culmination of all the celebrations!  If you are lucky enough to be having a street party do have a great time – we are going to be hanging out the bunting and will be closed (apart from emergency cover on the phones) from Sunday 3rd June to Tuesday 5th June.  You can still order online but please note your order will not be processed until Wednesday 6th June.

A new mobility scooter in a patriotic red, blue or white?

Actually if you go for a Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller they come ready with both red and blue in the box – you choose which you want or swap them over when you are bored of one colour.  The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller portable mobility scooter is a best-selling, very reliable classic.  They are great value, easy to disassemble and put together – we have plenty in stock so we can dispatch immediately.

Jubilee Fireside Chair

A Jubilee fireside chair – yes the manufacturer did call it Jubilee and got it to market in good time … we have not seen any Olympic variants … but we can deliver a lovely fireside chair and footstool just click the link here:

Given the scorching temperatures the last 10 days; we thought we would share with you our very own photo of Her Majesty when she came to visit our local park.  It was freezing and the rain and hail was so heavy that the poor little girls dancing the Maypole had to be wrapped up in table cloths.

HRH looked very trim in a light coat. She stayed through the rain, sheltered under a brolly but being the queen it was see through – we got a great photo!  If you would like us to email you a copy please do let us know.

Of course this weekend there will be so much to watch – for some lucky folk they will see the flotilla coming down the Thames, others will be at the concert and still more in London cheering and flag waving.

Even if we are just relaxing in a comfy rise and recline chair watching the television, we can all enjoy this amazing event.

We’ll be hanging out the bunting and singing God Save the Queen with the best of them.

With very best jubilee wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S.  Don’t forget to get those you order in before end of Tuesday 5th June to quality for the £50 Off Jubilee Offer on any purchases over £500!

Jubilee Offers – Celebrate the Jubilee with £50 off orders over £50

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 by morethan

Great excitement locally as the Queen is visiting the park near to one of our offices for series of dancing, music and wild Britain exhibits (we are not sure what wild Britain refers to!).

We don’t feel required to attend all the events but are quite keen to cheer as she goes past.  We are all poised to rush over in a patriotic fever but no one can tell us when she is actually going to be there – well given the level of mud, rain and nasty biting wind we were hoping to be able to time it rather better than “sometime this afternoon” – not to mention work needing to get done in between.

Jubilee Offer – SAVE £50:  £50 off all orders over £500

But on to business and we hope that you have been browsing our More Than Mobility website looking at and choosing a lovely new Mobility Scooter for the summer.  We hear tales of blue skies over much of the UK today and surely we will have a warmer spell soon.

Do check out our JUBILEE Offer: £50 off orders over £500 which when you consider we already throw in the delivery is a great discount.  Available only until 5th June 2012 so do call and place your order soon!

The JUBILEE offer applies to all product lines including Rise and Recline Chairs – how about a Lars leather dual motor rise and recline chair or order two smart matching Jubilee fireside chairs – already on offer at £275 each – buy two, get £50 off.

Mobility Scooters

Starting from just £399 our portable mobility scooters include the Sterling Little Star Portable Mobility Scooter.   If you are looking for great value you could consider the Strider ST1 Portable Mobility Scooter which we have stocked for the last few years and which has proven itself very reliable and easy to disassemble.

Give us a call for a chat – maybe you might consider going for the best-selling Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4 Mobility Scooter – free next day delivery.  This is the bestselling portable on the market – solid and reliable, easy to disassemble. At just £499 we have a great price – we know it is just under the £500 mark so why not add a rain cape or scooter cover – effectively free with the Jubilee Offer!

We also offer a wide range of Road Legal Mobility Scooters including the new Pride Colt Sport and Colt Pursuit road legal mobility scooters.  Both these mobility scooters are stylish, powerful and can travel up to speeds of 8mph.  The Colt Sport mobility scooter is compact perfect for travelling on the road or around the town while the Colt Pursuit is designed to tack rugged outdoor terrain and with pneumatic wheels is suitable for off-roading.

Take advantage of the Jubilee £50 off offer and have your mobility scooter engineered delivered – it could not be easier.   Our team will be delighted to help – just give us a call on 0800 046 3949 and quote “Jubilee” when ordering online or by phone.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

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