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Talk about Elite Travellers!

Monday, August 6th, 2012 by morethan

Talk about Elite Travellers!

Seems to us that the British have cornered the market in Elite Travelling!  If we are not breaking world records on the most advanced bikes in the world, we are rowing our way to gold at the London 2012 Olympic Regatta or Ben Ainsley is muscling the Danes out of the way to become the ultimate Elite Traveller.  So many GOLDS and just to prove those Aussies wrong our amazing athletics team proved that it is not just the sitting down sports we excel at – Jess Ennis and co took the utmost Pride in their performances and the country has been on a high which we all hope will continue through and well past the Olympic season.

Of course these astonishing feats do highlight just how important mobility is and we all know that what matters is making the most of what we have.  We know what an effort so many of our customers put in to keep themselves as mobile as they can and continuing to do the things that are important to them in spite of reduced mobility.

While the weather is still changeable – blue skies over Wimbledon and giant hailstones elsewhere this is nevertheless our summer and people are making the most of it.

Great Offer – Buy an Elite Traveller and get a FREE rain cover!

To help you make the most of the summer; More Than Mobility are offering great deals on our own Elite Travellers – Pride’s industry standard in portable mobility scooters.  We have plenty Elite Travellers of all models in stock but experience tells us that August is when we sell the most of this ever-popular mobility scooter.  So if you are considering a new portable mobility scooter do consider the Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter and take advantage of our great prices.    Prices start from as little as £499 PLUS if you buy before the August Bank Holiday we will throw in a handy mobility scooter kape worth £42.95, just in case the squalls continue!

All Elite Travellers come with a choice of colours so if you fancy blue one week and red the next it is an easy clip off clip on job as they come with a full set of colours in the box.  Choose your Pride Elite Traveller from:

To order your Elite Traveller portable mobility scooter either order online or call 0800 046 3949.  Remember if you order before 28th August 2012 we will include a free Mobility Scooter Waterproof Kape – please quote “KAPE” when ordering.

And do remember to look after your mobility scooter batteries – regular charging even throughout the winter months keeps them in tip top condition and ready to go.

We hope that the August weather is good for you wherever you are in the country, our warehouse and staff will be delighted to advise if you have any questions about portable or road legal 8mph mobility scooters.

With best wishes

More Than Mobility Team