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Remembrance Sunday

Friday, November 8th, 2013 by morethan

London was buzzing yesterday as the Poppy Appeal gathers momentum in the approach to Remembrance Sunday.  We were struck by how vibrant the campaign is – stations are manned by everyone from 2nd world war veterans and serving armed forces personnel to many youngsters helping out.  It feels as though the whole country engages, which is not how we remember this time of year in our own youth – it was all a bit solemn and seemed to be about a time long past, even though there would have been veterans from more recent conflicts needing assistance.

Of course, it is not just about the Sunday service to remember, important as it is, it’s about showing our respect to the dead by supporting the living – whether it is families or veterans affected by events during and post serving their country.

The range of activities and help that the Royal British Legion offers is incredibly diverse and far beyond helping veterans cope with reduced physical capability. We particularly admire the way in which The Legion showcases the challenges that many of our veterans take on and by doing so inspire the rest of us to do a bit more.

Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge;  boosted publicity yesterday by turning up at tube stations and dashing round the capital in a big red bus but the most moving image of the day was Harry and his Grandfather at an outdoor service – both veterans of conflicts and clearly remembering colleagues as they placed their crosses.

More Than Mobility has have made a modest donation today to the Poppy Appeal and some of the team will be attending events on Sunday – let’s hope the weather forecast is wrong!

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Poppy Appeal & Bomber Command Clasp

Monday, November 4th, 2013 by morethan

We have been very struck by a story recently that, after much campaigning, Bomber Command Crews were to receive awards and that the “clasps” were being dispatched.  While many people felt that a full medal would have been more appropriate for these extraordinary men, at least a clasp went some way towards the official recognition that most of us believe is their due.  These crews endured some of the highest casualty rates of the war.  However it seems that these awards are routinely being sent out in envelopes with two sentence letters that are not even personally addressed!  Apparently not even a few lines to acknowledge the service that these now elderly and frail men gave to our country.

Surely we could do better?  With Remembrance Sunday approaching could we not have organised to have the clasps properly boxed and some presentations or even personal visits to present them – perhaps the Guides and Scouts could have been involved to recognise the older generation.  Many of these men will already have passed away but families could have been offered an opportunity to attend some commemorative events?

Remembrance Sunday is one of the most special days of the year.  As it approaches it is a  time when many of us remember grandparents, parents and uncles and aunts who did their bit.  Whether it was young girls being called up to work in the munitions in Coventry (my aunts), serving in the Home Guard (my grandfather – a WWI veteran) or being evacuated from Dunkirk and then fighting through Africa (my uncle) we all owe a debt.  We should not see the old men with their walking sticks or wheelchairs, we should take a moment to see the the young men they were and treat them with the respect that we would want for any of our families now or then.  It may be over 60 years since the second world war ended but our gratitude should be renewed each year.

More Than Mobility supports and collects for the Poppy Appeal (run by the British Legion) in our mobility stores.    Get involved and wear your poppy with pride.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team