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Our Christmas Shop Is Open! Find A Gift For Your Loved One Today

Monday, November 17th, 2014 by morethan

Our More Than Mobility Christmas Shop is now open! We’re sure you have started to think about what gifts to give your relatives or a friend this Christmas, so think no longer. With Christmas just around the corner our Christmas gifts have been specially selected according to quality and price offering you a range of gift ideas for all the family. Whether you are buying something for a loved one or yourself, we have got everything from a nice and comfy Wave Pillow From Kozee to a Heated Back and Seat Massager.

Christmas Gifts Under £10

We have some great Gifts Under £10 From Foldable Adjustable Walking Stick to our Bath Back Scrub

Bath Back Scrub

Christmas Gifts Under £25

We have Christmas Gifts Under £25 where you will find an affordable present for any family

member or friend! From Neck Soother Wheat Bag to our Bamboo Bed Tray.

Bamboo Bed Tray

Christmas Gifts Under £50

We have Christmas Gifts Under £50 where you will find a good quality affordable present for any family member or friend! From our Big Button Telephone to our heated Back and Seat Massager.

Heated Back and Seat Massager

Christmas Gifts Over £50

We have great quality Christmas Gifts Over £50 perfect for your loved one! From our Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4 Mobility Scooter to our Serena Deluxe Rise & Recline Chair.

Serena Deluxe Rise & Recline Chair

You’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one (or even something to treat yourself) so shop online today!

FREE No Obligation Stairlift Survey & Quote!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 by morethan

StairliftHave you lost the freedom of going up and down the stairs and the ability to get around the whole house whenever you like? Get your independence back by installing a stairlift! PLUS get a FREE High Vision Reading Lamp worth £35.99 if you purchase within 2 weeks of survey.

We are offering you a FREE no obligation survey and quote in the comfort of your own home. We have a wide range of high quality, low priced UK made stairlifts so you are sure to find one suitable for your home. Simply call to book your survey today with one of our local engineers!

What we offer:

  • FREE No Obligation Survey and Quote
  • High Quality Straight, Curved & Outdoor Stairlifts – made in the UK
  • LOW PRICES: from £1,200
  • LOCAL Service & Support
  • FAST Delivery & Installation
  • Comprehensive In Home Warranty
  • FREE High Vision Reading Table Lamp if purchased within 2 weeks of survey

StairliftTo find out more about our stairlift offer and to book your free no obligation survey visit or call 0800 046 3949 and get your freedom back today!

Kind regards
More Than Mobility

World Diabetes Day 14th November 2014

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 by morethan

Tomorrow marks World Diabetes Day (14th November), which is co-ordinated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to increase awareness of Diabetes amidst concern over an escalating diabetes epidemic.

Diabetes, is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas, that acts like a key to let glucose from the food we eat pass from the blood stream into the cells in the body to produce energy. All carbohydrate foods are broken down into glucose in the blood. Insulin helps glucose get into the cells.

Not being able to produce insulin or use it effectively leads to raised glucose levels in the blood (known as hyperglycaemia). Over the long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues.

The theme of World Diabetes Day this year is healthy living focusing on starting each day right by having a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast should help blood sugar levels from getting too high and should keep you full through the morning. Whilst cereal and toast may be cheap, these options typically raise blood sugar levels rapidly and may leave you hungry again before lunch. If you drink fruit juice for breakfast, consider cutting the juice out or having a smaller glass of it. For reference, a 150ml glass of unsweetened orange juice contains around 15g of carbohydrate and 13g of sugar.

Why is November 14th World Diabetes Day?

November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calendar because it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered insulin, Frederick Banting. Banting discovered insulin in 1922, alongside Charles Best. World Diabetes Day is internationally recognised and is now an official United Nations Day.

There are many campaigns happening to celebrate World Diabetes Day; so we encourage you to please get involved if you can.  More information on activities can be found here.

Here at More Than Mobility we do not want any disability to stop you from living independently or to disrupt your lifestyle. We therefore provide a wide range of disability and mobility products to suit your specific needs from mobility scooters, rise and recline chairs to a range of daily living aids all suitable for people with Diabetes.

Kind regards

More Than Mobility

Today Marks Armistice Day (11th November 2014)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 by morethan

Today the UK will pay tribute to the millions of British servicemen who have died in conflict since the start of the First World War 100 years ago. Since last year’s Armistice Day, another seven members of the British armed forces have died in service – including five who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in April. Armistice Day has been marked on the November 11 every year since 1919 – a year after the Allied forces signed an agreement with the Germans that would end the First World War. Although at first former servicemen wanted to forget their horrifying experiences of war.

A growing interest in family history and the losses of more recent wars has made remembrance more significant.

This year’s centenary of the beginning of the First World War has opened another generation’s eyes to the extent of the conflict. The biggest single change for society in this country was the First World War. It had a far greater effect on the country than the Second World War.

This year’s Poppy Appeal has been very successful. The British Legion is on target to sell more than 45 million poppies by the end of Armistice Day – one million more than last year.

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Two Minute Silence will be observed on Armistice Day, the day which marks the end of the First World War. As well as a number of local events across the county, the British Legion will be hosting a ’Silence in the Square’ event in Trafalgar Square today.

Here at More Than Mobility we have always supported the traditional Remembrance Sunday services and Two Minute Silence on Armistice Day.

Kind regards

More Than Mobility

National Consumer Week: Only Buy From Reputable Companies

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 by morethan

This week is National Consumer Week with the theme to stop rogue doorstep traders.    Advice to help people avoid rogue traders has been issued by More Than Mobility and the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). They want to reduce the alarming total of up to 170,000 incidents of doorstep crime reported each year.  The latest Trading Standards Institute (TSI) research shows there could be this many incidents of doorstep crime each year, despite vast under reporting.

Ray Hodgkinson MBE, Director General of the BHTA, says: “There is considerable concern that doorstep criminals exploit vulnerable citizens by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or threatening residents who do not comply.  We need to stop rogue traders preying on vulnerable consumers.  Consumers can buy with confidence from any BHTA member, as these are ethical companies, bound by a Code of Practice overseen by TSI and committed to going beyond their legal obligations in terms of customer service.

Our members are alert for bad practice in their area and have often also been able to assist consumers who are victims of doorstep crime, for example by helping them replace stolen equipment such as a mobility scooter.”

More Than Mobility (a BHTA member) and the BHTA advise consumers who find a trader on their doorstep to ask three questions:

  1. Who are you and what company are you from? (and ask for proof of their identity, such as a photo card)
  2. Why are you here?
  3. Have you made an appointment to visit?

If consumers are at all unsure of a trader’s identity or the purpose of their visit, they should not let them in – if in doubt, keep them out of your property.

Reputable traders like More Than Mobility will be happy to prove who are they are and why they are visiting. All BHTA members sign up to a Code of Conduct, overseen by TSI and part of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS), which commits More Than Mobility to:

  • never pressure sell
  • never cold call
  • encouraging customers to have an advisor present for home visits
  • protecting deposits and pre-payments
  • making customers’ cancellation rights clear
  • ensuring customers have access to a free, independent redress scheme if there is a problem.

Keep safe and ensure you only buy from reputable companies who are BHTA members.

Kind regards

More Than Mobility