Keep Fit with Walking Football

Do you love football but would struggle now to play a game of regular football due to mobility or health issues?   Then it might be worth considering Walking Football!

Conceived in 2011 by the Chesterfield FC Community Trust, Walking Football aims to inspire the over 50s to get out of their armchair and back into exercise.  Here at More Than Mobility we think this is a great way for some of our older customers who are still mobile to keep fit.

Walking football was brought it into the mainstream after Steve Rich – an ex-Sunday League player hung up his boots at 26 after a car accident to launch a website to help connect teams across Britain. There are now over 756 clubs throughout the UK offering walking football – click here to find our nearest club.

“It’s devastating to give up something you love,” admits Steve Rich “but after I was hit by a car any twisting, turning or impact was impossible. Then I heard about walking football and just kicked on from there.

The rules of walking football are much the same as, however there are some differences. The squads are smaller (between five and seven-a-side), free kicks are indirect, kick-ins replace throws, there are no off-sides, the ball must be kept below head height and, of course, anything so much as a jog is prohibited.

Now, with backing from the Football Association and an online hub for clubs there’s a genuine buzz about the sport’s future. Last year’s National Tournament took in 18 teams from around the UK; this year it grew to 82. There’s even talk of a Walking Football World Cup – you never know we might even be able to win that!

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