Prolonging Your Mobility Scooter Battery Life

When you first get your new mobility scooter or mobility scooter batteries, it’s a good idea to charge them fully and then run them down a few times. This can increase the likelihood of your batteries working to their full capacity in future.

Looking after and regularly changing your batteries will increase the maximum performance of your mobility product.   Batteries are likely to need replacing every 2-3 years although you may be able to use them for longer if you take care and check them regularly.

Below are some tips on prolonging your battery life:

  • Wheelchairs and scooters typically require two batteries with a 24 volt series connection and the size of batteries you need will depend on the type of mobility product you have bought.    Take a look at our battery finder to see which type of batteries you require.
  • Never mix and match different battery manufacturers or technologies or use batteries that do not have similar date codes.
  • Batteries need to be charged regularly to keep them working efficiently.  Typically you will need between 8 – 10 hours to do a full charge and even if you are not using your mobility product on a daily basis we recommend that you charge the batteries at least once or twice a week.
  • Never allow batteries to run completely flat.
  • Only use the charger that you have been supplied with your mobility scooter or powerchair.  Using an incompatible charger is likely to be detrimental to battery life.   If you need a new charger then do let us know and we can get one ordered for you.
  • During cold weather and when the mobility scooter is not in use, the batteries will gradually lose their charge and could decay if they are left in a discharged state.  Therefore where possible try to run the scooter at least once a month.

Finally always make sure you have enough battery power for your trip before you set off and remember how far you go one way you need enough charge to get back home!  Also don’t forget that travelling up hills and using your lights will use up more battery power.

If you need a new mobility battery please visit our website where we have a variety of batteries available.  New batteries start from as little as £55 per pair!

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