Getting ready for Spring and your Mobility Scooter

On the way to work today it was quite noticeably lighter – the days are getting longer and the birds are yelling their heads off before 8am.  In our area there is actually a flock of green parakeets that steal all the bird food and bully the smaller birds away – the parakeets were all in good voice this morning before the alarm went off!

Now, in our experience, the slightly longer days mean that the first truly bright-with-a-promise-of-spring day is on its way, and we would like to help you make sure that will you will able to make the most of it.  So, if you already own a Mobility Scooter can we suggest that this is the time to be prepared? 

Check the mobility scooter batteries (especially if you have been a little lax with your battery charging protocol over the winter) – the number of calls relating to batteries that won’t start goes through the roof as soon as the weather improves.  Our mobility scooter batteries start from as little as £45 for a pair.  Likewise if you are due a mobility scooter service – give us a call and get it booked in now as the early spring slots get filled by the habitually well organised and you can be part of that group if you call now and get booked in!

Time For A New Mobility Scooter?

If this is the year for an upgrade or a new model we would be happy to help – do ask for our Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide and our “Best For” Mobility Scooter Flyer.  The general Buyers Guide combined with the “Best For” flyer helps narrow down your selection from what can be a dizzyingly wide range of mobility scooters (portable, pavement and 8mph road legal mobility scooters) to choose from.  Our team have many years of experience so they are good resource and happy to spend whatever time you need answering your questions.  We know these are important choices and decisions so they do take a bit of time.  Our More Than Mobility “Best For” flyer also shows the best-selling mobility scooters as many customers like to buy a model that is a popular best seller so we make sure that you have that information also.

We can supply the whole mobility scooter package from batteries to services to engineer delivery and insurance.  When you are thinking through what you need do remember that there are lots of accessories from cup holders to bags, rain covers and capes.  You might like to consider the 6 piece Mobility Scooter Accessories pack which is on an early bird discount for £59.99 (£10 saving):

Do be prepared this year – it would be our pleasure to help however large or small your order is.

We often handle smaller orders … do YOU know where the key is for your mobility scooter?  If not don’t despair – we can usually get you a new one very fast!

With very best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

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