Travelling with a Mobility Scooter on a Plane

It’s the summer holiday season but concerned about taking your mobility scooter abroad with you and on a plane  – how easy is it and is it safe?

If you are planning a trip abroad check out these useful tips and information on taking a mobility scooter on a airplane:

  • Most airlines will be more than happy to take your mobility scooter on board.  However if it important to check with the airline you are flying with (ideally before you book) if the airline has restrictions relating to equipment – these can vary depending on who you fly with.
  • You need to book in advance with the airline for your mobility scooter to go with you on the plane.  We recommend that you should tell your airline, travel agent or tour operator as soon as possible if you’re taking on a battery-powered wheelchair or mobility scooter.   Don’t just turn up at the airport and expect to take your mobility scooter with you as you might not be able to.
  • The official government guidelines state that if you are travelling to a European airport and have a disability, then you can travel with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge.  They should not be counted as part of your baggage allowance (depending on size).
  • You will need to give the airline some information in advance about the mobility equipment, including its make, weight, size and model.  This is to enable that is loaded and stowed safely during the flight and it is not a fire risk.
  • You might also want to take the operating manual with you including details on how it collapses (if possible) as this could be useful for the airline staff and prevents any issues when loading your equipment into the hold.
  • You will not be able to take your own wheelchair or mobility scooter into the passenger cabin of a plane – it will be stored in the hold. Speak to your airline to find out what help they’ll provide when boarding.
  • Don’t forget to take your mobility scooter battery charger and a suitable plug for the country you are flying to.  Also it might be worth taking a spare key with you – just in case!
  • Check the local laws for driving mobility scooters in the country you are visiting – they can vary from country to country so it’s important to familiarise yourself with any differences.
  • We recommend that you travel with a companion if you are not self-reliant, e.g. you need help with feeding, breathing, using medication or using the toilet. The airline you’re flying with will do their best to make sure you sit next to each other, so long as you tell them at least 48 hours before departure.

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Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

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