Mobility Equipment to help with Hearing Issues

Around 9 million people in the UK have some kind of hearing loss and around 900,000 people are severely or profoundly deaf.  This is around 19% of the population or 1 in every 7 persons.

Hearing loss increases sharply with age.  About a third of people aged between 60 – 70 years old and three quarters of the population aged over 70 have some kind of hearing loss.

If you do suffer from hearing issues then please do get in touch with us on 0800 046 3949 and we can put you in touch with a qualified hearing audiologist for a free no obligation hearing test.

Also there is range of products that can help with hearing issues – even simple equipment can mean the difference between living independently and needing someone to look after you. You can buy specialist equipment from our More Than Mobility website that can help with hearing issues.

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

This tiny alarm will shake you awake without disturbing others in the house. Start your day off with a buzz as opposed to a siren!

Perfect for anyone visually or hearing impaired as this is an alarm you ‘feel’. Simply place under your pillow and the alarm will wake you up by vibrating.

Talking Alarm Clock with Hands & LCD Display
Hear and see the time more clearly! Just press the large top button and this quartz analogue clock will speak the time for those with sight limitations.

For the hard of hearing the large clear clock face shows the right time on its clear analogue face and nifty digital display. Add a choice of three alarm sounds and an optional hourly time announcement for perfect time keeping.

2 in 1 – Home Care Panic Alarm & Wireless Doorbell
This care solution pairs the peace of mind of a care alarm with the functionality of a doorbell.   Great for people with a hearing impairment.  This combined personal panic alarm and doorbell can be used as an emergency paging alarm, as either the bell push or panic alarm will send a signal to sound the bell and flash the light to aid the hard of hearing.

Please visit our More Than Mobility website for other great mobility products.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

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