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We have had a number of enquiries in the past about clothing and whether we know of clothing that is specially adapted for people with mobility challenges.

We have recently started working with Adaptawear which is a company dedicated to clothing which makes getting dressed easier and less painful, supporting independent living.

From trousers to skirts, jackets and nightwear the Adaptawear team designs and manufacturers a range of ladies and gents open back and drop front trousers, open back and magnetic shirts and blouses, open back nighties and the unique magnetic front fastening Corebra. Some of their range is specifically for care home environments but lots of it is quite simply clothing that is easier to get on and off with less pain.

They also sell a selection of everyday essentials aimed at making people comfortable day and night. Adaptawear clothes are ideal for arthritis, stroke and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips.

The easyfit clothes are made from quality and natural fabrics to provide maximum comfort and the use of denim and chino fabrics are proving popular with Adaptawear’s younger customers.

Fastenings can be special magnet varieties that take away the need for buttons, or front fastening bras which are easier to manage.  Jacket poppers are positioned specifically to avoid pressure points – too many small but important details to mention here but do have a browse and give them a try.

Visit Adaptawear’s online shop today where you will find a wide selection of innovative adaptive clothing specially designed to make dressing easier for the elderly and disabled. 

Alternative click here to request an Adaptawear catalogue to be sent to your address.

We at More Than Mobility hope you will like the range – we think they are great people who are a pleasure to deal with – please let us know what you think!

MOBILITY SCOOTER BATTERIES!!!  Remember to look after your BATTERIES in the colder months ….

Now as we head into the Autumn we wanted to make sure that you are getting prepared for Spring.  All of the More Than Mobility team will tell you that come the end of February, beginning of March we get many, many calls from mobility scooter users who have not been looking after their batteries properly over the Winter months!

We don’t want to scold, but if you undertake a few basic steps then your batteries should come through the Winter in excellent shape, ready for the Spring.   Most mobility scooter batteries need to be regularly charged (i.e. every night) even if you are not using them – if you leave your batteries for extended periods of time without charging them then you might end up having to buy new ones!!  We are happy to sell you whatever mobility scooter batteries you need but it is a real shame and we hate it when people have to shell out for expensive new batteries when a few charges would have kept them tip top!

MK-Battery does an excellent little battery advice guide / brochure which we can send you by clicking here, or even consult your mobility scooter manual –  the team will be happy to help if you need more information.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S.  We still have rain mobility scooter capes and storage covers in stock so if you haven’t ordered yours do give us a call on 0800 046 3949.

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