Advice on Taking Mobility Scooters on Buses, Trains & Trams

With more than 300,000 mobility scooters in the UK, more mobility scooters are now allowed on public transport.   However, finding which scooter can go on with local bus, train or tram is not easy.

Rica, an independent consumer research charity has created a useful online website listing out which mobility scooters can be used on which buses, trains and trams.


A code of practice for travel on buses has been developed by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) and mobility scooter users are allowed on the bus if all of the following apply:-

  • the local bus company is running a mobility scooter permit scheme
  • the scooter is a Class 2 type (portable or pavement mobility scooter) and has maximum dimensions of 60cm wide x 100cm long and a turning radius of no more than 120cm
  • the bus company has assessed you in safely using your mobility scooter on the bus.

For more information including which local bus companies are taking part and running a mobility scooter permit scheme please visit:


Train operators are not required to carry mobility scooters but most of them will.

  • All train companies will let you carry a folded up mobility scooter on the train as luggage.
  • Some train companies allow you to travel on your mobility scooter if it meets certain criteria.
  • Some companies run permit schemes for mobility scooter.

For more information on travelling on trains with a mobility scooter please visit:


The majority of tram and light-rail services will allow you to travel with a mobility scooter.  Some services have size restricitions and on some services you need to apply for a permit and be assessed to ensure you can maneouvre safely.

For more information on travelling on trams with a mobility scooter please visit:

In addition Rica have also produced a Public transport: a guide for older and disabled people covering access on coaches, ferries, travel in London, planes and taxis for deaf, disabled and older people.  To view this guide please visit:

We hope you find this information useful and happy travelling on your mobility scooter!

Kind regards

More Than Mobility Team

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