Keep Your Loved One At Home Longer with these NEW Telecare Products

Do you have an elderly family member or friend who you are worried about living at home alone?   Then check out these great new Telecare products that enable elderly and vulnerable people to stay in their own homes for longer and gives both peace of mind and independence.

Family & Friends Emergency Big Button Phone with Remove 2 Way Speech Panic Button

The Friends & Family Emergency Big Button Phone with Remote 2 Way Speech Panic Button will provide peace of mind and independence for you or your loved one in their home. Many elderly people value their independence highly. This telephone will give elderly people their freedom whilst offering friends and family the reassurance of knowing you can contact them “no matter what”.

The phone comes with a wireless pendant that works on the same technology as your cordless home telephone. The neck or wrist worn SOS button automatically calls five landline or mobile numbers set by you, one after another until answered,  then allows you or your loved one to talk through the pendent.

Like a normal telephone call, you or your loved can alert a friend or family member to your/ their situation (i.e. a fall, feel unwell) or take immediate action whether it be to call the emergency services or a neighbour or to arrange help with daily chores. With the added benefit of a talking keypad and speaking caller ID for those with limited vision.

For those who need closer monitoring the telephone can be set up to connect a call directly through to the pendent without the need to lift the receiver or press the button on the pendent.

Features of this phone include:

  • Full 2 way communication through the pendent/call button or telephone
  • No contracts and no need for central call centre – family and friends receive the SOS call
  • SOS button/pendent is rechargeable in the stand provided
  • Range between SOS button/pendent and main telephone up to 50 metres
  • Big Button keypad – ideal for disabled or visually impaired
  • Talking keypad and caller ID
  • Powerful hands free speakerphone
  • Stand by when fully charged 80 hours and talk time up to 6 hours
  • Signs for emergency call, low battery and pendent out of range alert
  • 80 phonebook memory,  1 SOS button and 10 two touch memories
  • Adjustable volume on the main unit with light for SOS and incoming calls

We even offer an optional additional pendent and wrist strap too!

The Friends & Family Emergency Big Button Phone with Remote 2 Way Speech Panic Button is available to buy on our website for only £99.99 ex VAT.   For more information and to buy today please click here.

Canary Care Discreet Monitoring Package

The recently launched Canary Care is a simply new system which enables elderly and vulnerable people to stay in their own homes for longer. The innovative, self-install system provides round-the-clock reassurance to families by discreetly monitoring movement, temperature and visitors.

Canary allows family or friends to see at a glance from their mobile, computer or tablet if everything is as it should be and will text and email you if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

For example, Canary will let you know:

  • If someone is safely out of bed and has visited the bathroom as expected
  • If the house is warm enough…but not too hot
  • If a visitor or carer has been unable to visit as planned.

Canary monitors many normal daily activities using discreet sensors that are placed around the house to check everything is as it should be.  It does not use cameras or microphones so you cannot be seen or heard.

It has been designed to be very easy to install without any professional help.  It does not require a phone line or broadband.  The sensors are wireless and can be stuck on the wall by simply peeling off the tape on the back of them.

A Visitor Card is also included which can be used by friends, carers, and neighbours. Simply ask the person to wave the card over the hub and their visit is recorded. You can then see online how often people are dropping in or whether care is being delivered as it should be.

The complete Canary package costs £225 for the upfront costs plus £12.50 per month for the monitoring service.   Costs excluding VAT where applicable. As a special offer for More Than Mobility customers Canary are offering 10% off the upfront costs.     For more information or to order Canary please visit or contact William Cotton on 01865 408366 and quote discount code MTMX10 to claim your 10% discount.   Valid for orders placed by 30th September 2014.

More Than Mobility Team

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