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Chair Yoga: Health and Relaxation at the Same Time

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 by morethan

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. It is in the process of being recognised formally as a type of yoga distinct from other traditional types.

Usually someone taking part in chair yoga is unable to participate in a traditional yoga class due to the effects of aging or disabilities. However Chair Yoga is a great practise for everyone, as it deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness. Chair yoga classes are sometimes made available at senior fitness centres, retirement facilities, and adult day care centres.

In addition to a good stretch, chair yoga participants can also enjoy other health benefits of yoga; including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stress, better sleep and a sense of well-being.

Alternatively if you would prefer to exercise in the comfort of our own home whilst watching TV or reading the paper; our More Than Mobility website also sells a pedal exerciser.  This can assist in restoring muscle strength, circulation, co-ordination and fitness.   Price:  £34.99 ex VAT

Clothing for Exercise

Our sister company; Adaptawear sell a range of adapted clothing suitable for the elderly and disabled including some clothing suitable to wear when undertaking exercise and chair yoga.

Ladies Back Opening Tracksuit Top

Comfortable and warm back opening tracksuit top with discreet poppers. Blue or Pink. Matching tracksuit bottoms available. Price: £14.50 ex VAT

Ladies Side Opening Tracksuit Bottoms

Comfortable and warm side opening elasticated waist tracksuit bottoms. Blue or Pink. Matching tracksuit tops available. Price: £14.50 ex VAT

Tracksuit Pants with side zips

NEW soft unisex tracksuit pants with side zips all the way down both legs. Navy in sizes Small – XX Large. Price: £30.00 ex VAT

Please visit our More Than Mobility website for our range of mobility products including and our Adaptawear website for our full range of adapted clothing products.

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