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Stay Nice & Warm This Christmas With Our Bed Jackets & Nightwear

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 by morethan

The cold weather has really kicked in this week! We are sure this holiday season you may be travelling around to different family and friends homes. Stay warm and comfortable wherever you are during the evenings and nights when sleeping with our comfy bed jackets and nightwear. You can find our full range of nightwear here. They also make great Christmas Gifts!

We have Bed Jackets for both Men and Women, including:

Fleecy Wraps - Fleece Wrap

The Fleecy Wrap is a comfy lightweight wrap with two handy pockets, ideal for wearing anytime. It’s also the perfect gift for a loved one or for keeping the chills off your shoulders and arms when reading in bed, watching TV or sitting at the computer.

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Our Men’s Fleecy Bed Jacket is a unique men’s bed-jacket with easy access sleeves. It comes with a velcro style fastening making it easy for men with limited dexterity to put on and take off.

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We have nightwear for both Men and Women, including:

Ladies Iona Open-Back Nightie

Our great quality Ladies Iona Open-back Nightie has a generous overlap at the back ensuring dignity. It also has a shoulder opening, ideal if your upper body movement is limited

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Men's Night Shirt

Our Brushed Cotton Men’s Nightshirt comes with a traditional collar and four buttons at the neck, long sleeves and a breast pocket.

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