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Arthritis Care Week: 14th – 21st May

Friday, May 20th, 2016 by morethan

A recent UK wide survey conducted by Arthritis Care has revealed that people are enduring years of pain before seeking help for arthritis. It showed that 16% waited over one year while 28% waited over two years before taking action.
Over half (52%) of those who delayed did so because it didn’t occur to them it could be arthritis, 28% thought it was arthritis but that nothing could be done, while 22% didn’t think that arthritis affected people of their age.

Arthritis Care CEO Judi Rhys said “Arthritis is an overlooked and underestimated condition, the pain it causes can be excruciating and its impact is often life changing. People are needlessly enduring years of pain and fatigue, giving up the things they love and that give their life meaning and purpose.  Early recognition of the symptoms and diagnosis can immediately improve people’s lives and prevent more serious health problems later on.  People need to be able to recognise the symptoms, know how to manage it and be supported to enjoy an active, healthy and independent life.”

This week is Arthritis Care Week (#arthritismatters) where we are encouraging people who suffer with arthritis to talk about what it’s like to live with arthritis.

Join Thunderclap!

A Thunderclap is a great way of combining the voices of all of our supporters at once. To add your voice to Arthritis Care Week, all you have to do is visit the Thunderclap page and choose whether you’d like to support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or on all three of our social media channels. All Thunderclap messages will then be posted at the same time on 19 May during Arthritis Care week as we let people know why #arthritismatters.

Mobility Products for Arthritis Sufferers

Here at More Than Mobility have more than got you covered when it comes to arthritis as we have been supporting arthritis sufferers for many years. Take a look at our website for a vast array of mobility aids to help people with arthritis:

Aluminium Reacher

This aluminium reacher allows the user to pick up or move items that would otherwise be out of reach.  Therefore preventing unnecessary movement or discomfort. Price: £7.99

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Other mobility products suitable for arthritis sufferers include:

Best Wishes

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