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More Than Mobility’s Guide To Keeping Warm This Winter

Monday, November 30th, 2015 by morethan

Research has shown that as we get older, the risk of heart attack or stroke greatly increases in cool temperatures, so it’s important to keep both you and your home warm.

Living in the warm keeps the body temperature up, which helps to protect against the effects of the cold outside. So it’s important to keep your home warm and to dress up warm when you go outside.

Tips to keep yourself warm this winter:

  • Wear several thin layers, rather than one thick layer. This is because they trap warm air close to the body, woolly clothes or thermal clothes are ideal.
  • A lot of heat is lost through the head and neck, so if you’re chilly indoors, try wearing a hat and scarf.
  • For cold toes, remember to put thick socks on and preferably slippers too.
  • Draw your curtains, as soon as it gets dark to stop the heat escaping and the draughts coming in.
  • Use hot water bottles or electric blankets to warm the bed, however never use them together as this can be dangerous.  Always read the instructions when using electrical goods.
  • If you’re sitting down, a shawl or blanket will provide extra warmth. You should also try to keep your feet up, because air is cooler at ground level.
  • Wear warm clothes in bed. When it’s really cold, wear thermal underwear, bed socks and even a hat.

Ward off those winter chills in the home;

  • Have your heating system serviced and chimney swept regularly.
  • Check your water stopcock is working properly.
  • Always check the local weather forecast so you can prepare accordingly.
  • Get a keyhole cover – it should only cost a couple of pounds and will help keep the draughts out in cold weather.

For more information on keeping warm this winter please visit the BBC website.

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Stay Nice & Warm This Christmas With Our Bed Jackets & Nightwear

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 by morethan

The cold weather has really kicked in this week! We are sure this holiday season you may be travelling around to different family and friends homes. Stay warm and comfortable wherever you are during the evenings and nights when sleeping with our comfy bed jackets and nightwear. You can find our full range of nightwear here. They also make great Christmas Gifts!

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Ladies Iona Open-Back Nightie

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