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Check Out Our Rise and Recliner Buyers Guide!

Sunday, November 29th, 2015 by morethan

Are you thinking about buying a Rise & Recline Chair (sometimes called a Riser Recliner Chair) but are confused on the various options and types available?  If so then take a look at our specific Rise & Recline Chair Buyers Guide which can help guide you through the various options and breakdown what they do and the points to consider when purchasing one of these chairs.

Electric rise and recline chairs are ideal purchases for people who suffer from mobility issues as they allow the user to get in and out of the chair with ease.  Also for people who spend a lot of time in an armchair the additional seating positions can reduce the risk of pressure sores and allow time for an afternoon snooze!

They are simple to use and are operated by a handset.  Just a touch of a button lifts or lowers the chair to your preferred position giving you as much comfort

Some key points to consider when purchasing a riser recliner chair:

  • There are two types of rise and recline chairs available, those with a single motor and those with a dual motor system. A single motor rise and recline chair controls the backrest and foot plate at the same time, while a dual motor rise and recline chair allows you to operate both sections of the chair individually. Chairs with a dual motor system are usually more expensive, but offer more positions so that you can find your ideal seating position.
  • Make sure the dimensions of the chair e.g. seat height, seat width and depth match the size of the user to ensure adequate support and comfort.
  • Check the maximum recommended weight limit for the chair.  Petite and heavier user chair options are available.
  • Remember these chairs will need more space when extended – however some you can save space with a wall-hugger style.
  • Establish where your chair will plug into the mains to avoid obstructing walkways or trailing wires.  Most chairs also come with a battery back-up feature in case of a power cut.
  • Consider your upholstery i.e. there is a wide choice of leather or fabric to match the style of your home.

More Than Mobility is a leading UK supplier of Rise & Recline Chairs and has a wide selection of the most popular and affordable chairs.  We have over 10 years’ experience in selling these chairs so you can be sure of a professional service with experienced staff.   All products come with a minimum 12 month warranty and a choice of free courier delivery or specialist engineer delivery/set up available.

If you would like a copy of the Rise & Recline Chair Buyers Guide you can download this online or call us on 0800 046 3949 and we can pop a copy in the post to you.  Also if you have any questions or need some advice do not hesitate to give us a call.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team