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Keep Healthy This Year by Drinking Less!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 by morethan

Last week’s updated drinking guidance by the Department of Health came as a bit of a shock to us all who like a drink in moderation each week.   The new reduced recommended drinking limits have been announced in light of recent research with the aim to help keep health risks low.

Men and women should now drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week – the equivalent of six pints of average strength beer or seven glasses of wine.The rules also say that it’s best not to “save up units” and drink them all in one go and to make sure you have alcohol-free days.

However a leading doctor has further warned that Britain faces a “timebomb” of serious illnesses such as dementia, braindamage and liver disease because older people are drinking too much.

“The number of older people drinking unsafely and unhealthily is rising at an alarming rate, putting their health at risk and further strain on NHS services,” said Dr Tony Rao, Britain’s leading expert on drinking.

More older people are admitted to hospital in England every year for mental and behavioural disorders related to alcohol use (11,373) than for alcohol-related liver disease (9,890). The number of 60- to 74-year-olds treated as in-patients for mental and behavioural disorders – including alcohol dependence and alcohol withdrawal – has almost doubled over the past decade, from 5,074 in 2005-06 to 9,492 in 2014-15. Among those aged 75 and older, the figure has risen from 1,265 to 1,881 over the same period. Both increases far outstrip the growth in the elderly population.

The proportion of admissions among those aged 60 or over for any reason caused by alcohol-induced mental and behavioural disorders has also risen from 13% to 17% over that period.

More over-60s are also being hospitalised for alcohol-related brain damage, a condition known as Korsakoff Syndrome, which is similar to dementia. It involves acute loss of memory caused by long-term heavy drinking and is irreversible. Numbers are small but the trend is sharply upwards. Just 149 over-60s were admitted with the syndrome in 2005-06, but in 2014-15 the figure was 376.

For more information on this article please visit The Guardian website and for more information on tackling issues please see the Alcohol Concern website.

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