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Why is Euan’s Guide, a disabled access review website and app getting so much attention?

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 by morethan

The founder of Euan’s Guide, Euan MacDonald became disabled due to Motor Neurone Disease diagnosed 10 years ago, he got frustrated that the only way to discover if a venue was fully accessible was by visiting it himself. Euan has a ventilator, speaks with a speech synthesizer and uses a powered wheelchair to get around. To help him get about he started to note down the accessible venues in his home city of Edinburgh. Soon they had the beginnings of Euan’s Guide, a disability review website and smart phone app.

600 places have been reviewed by disabled people in 250 towns across the UK with 400 more reviews by the venues themselves. Six people now work for Euan’s Guide, including Euan’s sister Kiki MacDonald, who recently gave up her job in investment management to focus on the project.

It’s a free service and there’s no advertising because Euan’s Guide is funded entirely by the MacDonald family. It has been endorsed by JK Rowling whose mum had MS and Professor Stephen Hawking, who, like Euan, has MND. Euan MacDonald hopes the guide will cut out hours of phone calls and research for users and that it’ll remove the “fear of the unknown” when visiting somewhere for the first time.

Here at More Than Mobility we think Euan’s Guide is a fantastic idea as it allows users to visit new places with confidence. We also like the fact that they don’t just feature accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions – the site allows users to review places that they go to every day, such as stations, supermarkets and post offices – you can even review outdoor spaces such as parks or well-known locations such as London’s Piccadilly Circus. Venues can give more detailed information on their accessibility features.

If you struggle to get out and about, make your life easier and check out Euan’s guide.

More Than Mobility Team

Access Day Encourages Disabled People To Try New Adventures

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 by morethan

Disabled Access Day will be held for the first time on Saturday 17 January 2015, with the backing of the disabled-led website Euan’s Guide. The organisers want to encourage disabled people and their families and friends to visit somewhere they have never been before on 17 January, such as a sports centre, cinema or a tourist attraction.

Euan’s Guide is hoping to encourage venues, retailers and businesses to sign up as partners, and provide promotional offers to disabled people who register to take part. The aim of Disabled Access Day is to highlight the best accessible places in Britain.

Euan MacDonald, founder of Euan’s Guide and himself a wheelchair-user, said: “Many disabled people feel wary about visiting new places because it’s all too common to go somewhere new and find out that it hasn’t got the accessibility features promised on its website or marketing materials.

“Disabled Access Day is intended to promote good disabled access amongst businesses and to demonstrate the commercial power that the 11.6 million disabled people in the UK represent for big and small companies.

Here at More Than Mobility we encourage disabled people to get out and about, so we think that this is a great event and hope it turns into an ongoing initiative rather than just one day.