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Stairlifts During Lock Down & Scooter Recharging

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 by morethan

Dear Customers…We’re thinking of you and are here to help with anything you need.  Our call centre and website is open as normal and we can send goods direct to your home.

stairliftStairlifts Installation & No Obligation Quotes
Are you worried or concerned about a family member or relative using the stairs during this lockdown? Then take back access to all of your home and never struggle with stairs again!

If so we can still quickly & safely install any stair lifts needed – either for straight or curved stairs. Do call us on 0800 046 3949 to organise a FREE no obligation quote.    Prices start from as little as £1,400 depending on your stairs.

We have already organised a few to be installed this week using full social distance measures.

Mobility Scooter & Powerchair Re-Charging
If you are not using your mobility scooter or powerchair as much during lockdown or self-isolation; then don’t’ forget to charge your Mobility Scooter or Powerchair so the battery doesn’t go flat when you need to use it again.  Below are some guidelines on charging your scooter or powerchair.

  • Batteries need to be charged regularly to keep them working efficiently. Always adhere to the battery manufacturer’s guidelines; they typically recommend charging for between 8 and 10 hours at a time and even if you are not using your mobility product on a daily basis we recommend that you charge the batteries at least twice per week.
  • Only use the charger that you have been supplied with your mobility scooter or powerchair.  Using an incompatible battery charger is likely to be detrimental to battery life.  If you need a new charger then let us know and we can get one sent out to you.
  • During cold weather and when the mobility scooter is not in use, the batteries will gradually lose their charge and could decay if they are left in a discharged state.
  • New mobility scooter and powerchair batteries start from as little as £55 per pair.

Mobility Products For Isolation/Working From Home

Don’t forget to have a look at our new category pages on our website for Products To Support Elderly in Isolation and Products To Support Working From Home.  Some perfect products to help the elderly and disabled whilst either being stuck at home or working from home to make it more comfort.

Pedal Exerciser

Exercising At Home
We are constantly told that doing some exercise during lockdown is good for both our mental and physical health.   So if you want to keep active at home then take a look at our Pedal Exercise with a digital display.  Enjoy exercising while reading or watching the television!    Assists in restoring muscle strength, circulation, co-ordination and fitness.  Can be used on the floor for lower body or on table for arm exercises.  On Sale now only £32.99.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S. We know this is a difficult and worrying time especially for the elderly and vulnerable; many who are our customers; but we are here to help in anyway we can.   As always, if you have any questions or just want a good old fashioned chat on the telephone; our Customer Service Team is here to help on 0800 046 3949.

SPECIAL Pedal Exerciser Offer: January a Time for Fitness!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 by morethan

After an enjoyable Christmas and New Year it is always good to burn off all the excess exercisecalories so take advantage of our January special offer on the Pedal Exerciser where you can save ££s and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Getting moving can help boost your energy, maintain your independence, protect your heart, and manage symptoms of illness or pain as well as your weight. And regular exercise is also good for your mind, mood, and memory. Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. It can include anything from walking and gardening to recreational sport.

Pedal Exerciser:  SAVE £2 now only £32.99

pedal exerciseDesigned for low impact rehabilitation and exercise the Pedal Exerciser comes with a digital display and features a motorised pedal exerciser, incorporated into an integral on-board computer that shows exercise time duration, calories consumed, cycles and revolutions per minute. It assists in restoring muscle strength, circulation, co-ordination and fitness. It can be used on the floor to improve the lower body or on a table top as an arm exerciser.  Perfect to use at home and no need to go out to the gym.

Cycling can help you burn around 300 calories per hour, depending on your current weight and the tempo. It boosts your metabolism, which means you’ll burn calories even when you’re at rest. As a perfect cardio exercise, it helps with burning fat and gradually building muscle, especially thighs, rear end, and hips.

Best Wishes

More than Mobility Team

Strength Training and Exercises For The Elderly

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 by morethan

Exercising your muscles will increase not only your muscular strength but also your muscular endurance which is the ability to repeat a movement over and over again. Check with your doctor and ask if there are any precautions you should take.

Numerous studies have shown that strength training for the elderly and other exercises for seniors done regularly not only builds up bone and muscle but counteracts the weakness and fraility that usually comes with aging.

Elderly strength training for seniors and exercises for seniors can help with:

Before you start we recommend some general safety guidelines:

  • Make sure you warm up at least 10 minutes before exercise and cool down for at least 10 minutes after exercise.
  • Some soreness in the muscle belly can be expected but stop the exercise if you feel pain in your joints.
  • Maintain a good upright posture during all exercises.
  • Don’t hold your breath while exercising. Make sure you breathe on the exertion part of the exercise
  • Don’t grip your weights tightly
  • All movements should be done in a slow to moderate and deliberate manner.

Please visit our More Than Mobility website for mobility products that help with the building up your strength including the:

Pedal Exerciser with digital display

The type of exercise that this type of machine offers is low impact and ideal for general exercise and rehabilitation treatment.  It can be used for the upper or lower body. With this foldable and portable piece of equipment you can enjoy exercising whilst reading or watching the television. Price: £34.99

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Start as we mean to go on: Keeping Fit for the New Year!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 by morethan

We have all eaten and drunk too much over the festive season so now it is time to work it off. To improve health; older adults should try to do two types of physical activity each week: aerobic and strength exercises.

NHS guidelines for older adults aged 65 and over who are generally fit and have no health conditions should aim do the following exercises:

  • try to be active daily and do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or walking every week, and
  • strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms).

You should also try to break up long periods of sitting with light activity, as sedentary behaviour is now considered an independent risk factor for ill health, no matter how much exercise you do.

Older adults are also at risk of falls, such as people with weak legs, poor balance and some medical conditions.  Therefore if possible do exercises to improve balance and co-ordination on at least two days a week. Examples include yoga, tai chi and dancing.

Moderate activity will raise your heart rate and make you breathe faster and feel warmer. One way to tell if you’re exercising at a moderate level is if you can still talk, but you can’t sing the words to a song.

Examples of activities that require moderate effort for most people include:

  • walking
  • water aerobics
  • ballroom and line dancing
  • riding a bike on level ground or with few hills
  • pushing a lawn mower

Daily chores such as shopping, cooking or housework don’t count towards your 150 minutes, because the effort isn’t enough to raise your heart rate, but they are important nonetheless, as they break up periods of sitting.

For more information on physical activity guidelines for older adults please visit the NHS website.

Finally to help you with your New Year exercise campaign do take a look at our More Than Mobility pedal exerciser. Enjoy exercising while reading or watching TV in your own home.  This lightweight portable pedal exerciser comes with a digital display (showing time spent and calories burnt) and assists in restoring muscle strength, circulation, co-ordination and fitness.  You can use on the floor for lower body or on the table for arm exercises.  Only £29.99!

Happy Exercising!

More Than Mobility Team

Get Into Disability Sport To Help Boost Your Independence

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 by morethan

Here at More Than Mobility we know that disabled people are less likely to take part in sport with only one in six playing sport regularly compared to one in three non-disabled people. The English Federation of Disability Sport are keen to change this in order to enable disabled people to view taking part in sport as a viable lifestyle choice.

Disability Sport ranges from entry level to international competition with many layers between. Many disabled sports people get involved as a hobby or interest. Some compete professionally or at the highest levels. There is a sport and a place for everyone. Find out about disability sports events in your area by clicking here.

Why get into sport?

Being active is a great way to improve your health, clear your mind and put you into a better mood. There are sports clubs around the UK that cater for all kinds of disabilities. Many clubs and sports centres offer free taster sessions so you can try different sports to find out which is your favourite! There are over 400 inclusive gyms around the country with specially designed equipment so you’ll be working up a sweat in no time.

If you’re a budding Paralympian, there are plenty of opportunities to get spotted. Join a sports club with professional coaches to reach your full potential.

Do I need Experience?

Any kind of physical movement is beneficial to your health, so don’t think you have to be a great athlete to get involved. If you’re not quite ready to join a club, working out at home is a good starting point. If you’re keen to get active but the prospect of entering the world of sport seems daunting, don’t worry as there are plenty of great resources out there to help you get started.

National Disability Sport Organisations (NDSOs)

  • British Blind Sport (BBS) – BBS is the leading voice for people with visual impairments in the world of sport.
  • British Wheelchair Athletics Association (BWAA) – BWAA work with athletes interested in Seated Throws (Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Club), and pentathlon.
  • British Wheelchair Racing Association (BWRA) – WRA promotes the involvement of disabled people in wheelchair racing.
  • Cerebral Palsy Sport (CP Sport) – CP Sport promotes and seeks to increase opportunities for disabled people, in particular people with Cerebral Palsy, to participate in athletics.
  • Mencap Sport (England) - Working with Governing Bodies of Sport and other sports providers to increase and improve opportunities at all levels, through training and partnership work
  • LimbPower- LimbPower is the National Disability Sports Organisation helping amputees and the limb impaired reach their sporting potential.

More Than Mobility would like to support anyone wanting to regain their independence and fitness and we recommend the popular pedal exerciser with digital display for when you want to work up a sweat at home!

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team