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Pressure Care Products

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 by morethan

Pressure sores and pressure ulcers can develop when someone has been sitting or lying in one place without movement for too long.  This can be very common amongst the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Pressure sores can range in severity from patches of discoloured skin to open wounds that expose the underlying bone or muscle.  Treatment for pressure sores includes the use of dressings, creams and gels designed to speed up the healing process and relieve pressure.   Alternatively it is recommended to try to prevent them developing in the first place by either regularly changing a person’s position or using specialist pressure care products to protect vulnerable parts of the body.

Therefore we recommend that if you or a loved one is prone to pressure sores then take a look at our More Than Mobility range of pressure care products that can help to stop the development of these sores. From heel protectors and pressure care cushions to high quality fleeces and pressure relief mattresses, you’ll find everything you need to relieve the stresses and strains of getting a sore.

All of our pressure area care products are specifically designed to allow the body to achieve maximum comfort in a position which neutralises the risk of pressure injuries.

Inflatable Rubber Ring Cushion – BESTSELLER!

This inflatable rubber ring cushion is ideal for providing increased comfort whilst sitting.

The cushion moulds itself to the body contours and can assist in preventing or relieving pressure sores and coccyx problems. Price:  £12.99

Deluxe Komfort Wheelchair Cushions

Deluxe comfortable wheelchair cushions with luxurious memory foam layer.  Designed to assist in providing pressure relief to the bony part of the lower back and bottom.

All wheelchair cushions have a fitted, breathable terry fabric cover with natural skin shear and friction reducing properties.   Choice of 4 styles/cut outs. Price:  £29.99

Harley Leg Raiser

Put your feet up and relax on this contoured leg raiser.

Designed to support the back of the knee and heel whilst allowing the calf to relax and will take pressure from the lower back and stimulates circulation.  Price: £49.99

Lambswool Fleece

These warm 100% lambswool fleece provide excellent pressure relief and comfort in either bed or a chair.

The lambswool fleece is knitted and sealed into an acrylic backing combining the properties of natural wool fibre (resilience, warmth and dryness) with the washing durability of a man-made base.   Choice of sizes and prices from £10.83

To see our full range of pressure care products please visit our website.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team