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Stair Lift: Improve the mobility in your home with a new stair lift!

Monday, January 15th, 2018 by morethan

Are you or a family member struggling managing the stairs in your/their own home? Why struggle with stairs when a stair lift can give you back your freedom and confidence.  Installing a stair lift can greatly improve your independence, and allow you to continue living in, and indeed enjoying, all the areas of your home. More often than not, a new stair lift means there is no need to move home, which can be a very stressful and expensive.

At More Than Mobility we have a selection of stair lifts that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. We have straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts and outdoor stair lifts all manufactured by highly reputable UK manufacturers.

Straight staircases satisfies the market’s need for guaranteed reliability, robuststairlift quality and a swift installation without compromising on safety and all at a very competitive price. Our Straight Stair Lift prices start from £1,250

A curved staircase can encompass a variation of designs, from spiral to fanned or half or quarter landings. Due to the individual nature of curved staircases the rails are custom made for each home. Our Curved Stair Lift prices start from £3,950.

The outdoor model is manufactured from durable and waterproofed materials allowing it to withstand external conditions. Whether you have difficult garden steps or an elevated sun deck or porch, an outdoor stair lift will bring your garden or front door within easy reach again. Our Outdoor Stair Liftstairlift prices start from £2,695.

Why Choose More Than Mobility?

  • High Quality Straight, Curved & Outdoor Stair lifts – made in the UK
  • LOW PRICES: from £1,250
  • LOCAL Service & Support
  • FAST Delivery & Installation
  • Comprehensive In Home Warranty

Please visit our website for full descriptions or call now for a free no obligation quote 0800 046 3949.

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More Than Mobility Team

Adapting Your Home For Mobility

Monday, September 7th, 2015 by morethan

Adapting your home can positively impact on someone’s quality of life. It can also provide a measure of assurance for safety if you or a family member is disabled or have issues with mobility.

As many of our More Than Mobility customers suffer from mobility issues we have highlighted some of the key alterations to make a home suitable for someone with a disability or limited mobility:

  • Doorways – Make doorways and passageways wider if you need to use a wheelchair or powerchair
  • Grab Rails – Install grab bars and rails to assist with balance when moving around the house
  • Household Mechanisms – Move household mechanisms such as electrical outlets, light switches and door knobs to more accessible heights
  • Bathroom – Adapt a bathroom, by raising the toilet, adding a toilet back-rest, or putting a bath lift or hoist in for the bath
  • Ground Floor Rooms – Create easy access to bathroom or bedroom facilities at ground-floor level
  • Ramps – Install ramps to avoid the need to use steps
  • Paths – Ensure that external paths to the your home – such as paths or drives – have a firm, level surface
  • Stair lifts – Install stair lifts or elevators to aid travel from one floor to another
  • Chair & Bed Raisers – Invest in specialist furniture such as a rise and recline chair or electric adjustable bed
  • Alert Devices – Install alert devices, designed for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing

Some adaptations are quick and relatively cheap to do while others may take a bit more time, saving and planning. We therefore recommend to plan ahead so that when the time comes you are not having to make a decision in a rush.

These mobility products cater for all kinds of mobility related issues. By understanding the disability and the particular physical challenges associated, you can identify and prioritise what products you will need.

Arthritis – arthritis causes joint inflammation that induces painful movement for the sufferer. Ideal products to include in your home adaptation would be raised rise and recline chairs to limit strain on the joints from constantly standing and sitting. Another example would be replacing any fiddly knobs or switches with larger, more easily accessible buttons to minimise joint movement in the hands.

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis weakens bones and increases the likelihood of bones breaking. It is vital that measures are taken to support mobility around the house with products such as stair lifts.

Loss of hearing and/or sight – Loss of hearing and sight can make a significant impact on your loved one’s independence — both mentally and physically. Adding hand rails to your home will assist those suffering from loss of sight, as they will act as guides around the home and assist in building familiarity with their environment. For those with loss of hearing, there are special alert devices that use vibrations to notify the user when there are visitors at the door etc.

Parkinson’s – Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease that causes loss of dopamine-generating cells in the brain. The brains inability to properly function without these vital cells produces symptoms such as tremors, rigidity and slow movement. Slow and limited mobility is frustrating to the patient, so by investing in products such as shower chairs, grab bars and non-skid mats they will feel more in control in their day-to-day tasks.

Here at More Than Mobility we can help with providing mobility products to adapt your home and also can provideservices such as bathroom adaptations and stair lift installations.  Do visit our website or call us on 0800 046 3949 for advice and to obtain a free quote.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team