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BBC Documentary – The Trouble with Mobility Scooters

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by morethan

Last night The BBC aired a programme “The Trouble with Mobility Scooters”. Before we even watched the programme we feel the title already set the tone (we expected to see mobility scooter users in somewhat of a negative light). To our surprise the documentary was engaging/ interesting and even touching to watch.

There are now around 330,000 mobility scooters users in the UK today and rising. The UK has more mobility scooter users than any other country in Europe. For many mobility scooter users, their scooters are a lifeline offering them some freedom and independence. At the beginning of the documentary we met Hazel who suffers from chronic lung disease and who struggles to walk. She has had a mobility scooter for 5 years. She described having a mobility scooter “It’s my lifeline, I literally go everywhere on it…it’s a life saver for me”.

So what’s the trouble then? As mobility scooters are classed as a disability aid they’re exempt from the Road Traffic Act, which some road users describe as causing chaos. So to reduce the number of incidents the South Yorkshire Police has set up the mobility scooter driving school called Lifewise.  They’re very patient and warm hearted with the scooter users who attend the school (including Hazel). We got the opportunity to see older people live their lives to the fullest with the help of mobility scooters.

The documentary was light hearted in places. Dare we say it did make us chuckle at times, the programme could be quite slapstick in places. With a user taking a large carpet home at the back of his mobility scooter and another using towing a Smart Car. One woman in a shopping centre even stated “One Tuesday, it were that busy with mobility, I went home, I were fed up trying to dodge them.”

The conclusion drawn from this documentary is that mobility scooters are generally a good thing. They just need to be used wisely.   Also it is important when buying a mobility scooter to ensure you get appropriate training from a reputable dealer such as More Than Mobility.  We also highly recommend that you take out mobility scooter insurance to cover you for any accidents.   Cover starts from as little as £1.53 per week.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter, you will not be disappointed. As Hazel said it will give you freedom and may even become your life line. So shop our mobility scooters today!

More Than Mobility Team