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Free Television Licence for People Aged 75 or Over

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 by morethan

Did you know that if you are aged over 75 or over and live in the UK you are eligible for a free TV licence?  A colour TV licence would normally cost £145.50 per annum so that is a big saving.

Over 4 million people across the UK and many of our More Than Mobility customers already enjoy the benefits of the concession so take a look at our latest blog on how to apply for a free license.

Free Licence

If you are aged 75 or over you are entitled to apply for a free TV Licence. Once your free licence is issued it is valid for three years. After that you will be issued with a new one.

How to apply

Although it is free, people aged 75 or over do still need to apply for their TV Licence.

To apply:

  • Have your national insurance number and date of birth to hand and
  • Fill in a form online or
  • Telephone 0300 790 6073

If you do not have your national insurance number, call 0300 790 6073 to arrange to provide other proof of your date of birth.

Please remember that you don’t automatically get an over 75 TV Licence on your 75th birthday. You have to apply for one.

TV Licencing state: “If you’re about to turn 75, please do not cancel your Direct Debit or any other payment for your TV Licence. Once they have sent you confirmation of your over 75 TV Licence, they will cancel your Direct Debit for you. If they cancel your Direct Debit after your 75th birthday – and you end up overpaying – they will refund you for the difference.”

Further Information

For further information please visit the TV Licensing website or telephone 0300 790 6073.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team