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Top Mobility Christmas Gifts Ideas!

Thursday, December 7th, 2017 by morethan

christmas Make a list and check our More Than Mobility website to spoil everyone you love with mobility gifts this Christmas. Find something you know they’ll love from our range of brilliant mobility gifts.

With something for every budget, as well as perfect stocking fillers, we can help everyone have a very merry Christmas from as little as £3.99!

Top Gifts under £10

Bath Back Scrub

This long bath back scrub can help to wash and ex-foliate your back and those difficult areas to reach.  Price:  £6.99

Adjustable Shoe Horn

These adjustable long shoe horns are designed to assist those who have difficulty bending or following hip or knee surgery. Adjustable Shoe HornPerfect to help put on and off your shoes! Choice of two colours.  Price:  £9.99

Fun Plates

These fun mobility scooter plates enable the personalisation of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They have Velcro strips on the reverse so that they can be attached easily. The plates can display whatever the user chooses, such as their name or funny messages. Price £7.99

Top Gifts Under £25

Reading RestVibrating Pill Reminder Box

Vibrates to remind you to take your pills.  A complete medication planner with five pill compartments, each with vibration and/or sound reminder alarm. Ideal for those with limited sight or hearing. Can be set for five alarm reminders per day. Price £13.99

Reading Rest

This stylish wooden reading rest is great for displaying cookery books and allows you to assume a more relaxed posture whenreading.  Choice of colours. Use at a table, kitchen or desk.  Price:  £16.99


The easy to use Foot Switch makes getting hard to reach sockets a thing of the past and no need to scramble on the floor.  Simply plug the main unit into the socket and place the robust foot control in a convenient position to operate any appliance.  Price: £16.99

Top Gifts Under £50

High Vision Reading LightsHigh Vision Reading Lights

These specifically designed high vision reading lights that use near daylight bulbs allow you to read and concentrate for longer, helping to relieve eyestrain and headaches.  Choice of table or floor lamp.   Price from £32.99

HurryCane All Terrain Cane Folding Walking Stick

This unique all terrain cane folding walking stick stands up by itself and never falls over – its patented pivotal base provides superior balance and stability. Price from £29.99

Pedal ExerciserHurryCane All Terrain Cane Folding Walking Stick

The type of exercise that this type of machine offers is low impact and ideal for general exercise and rehabilitation treatment.  It can be used for the upper or lower body.  The pedal exerciser assists in restoring muscle strength, circulation, co-ordination and fitness.  It can be used on the floor to improve the lower body or on a table top as an arm exerciser. Price £34.99

Top Gifts Over £50

Digital Day ClockDigital Day Clock

The easy to read, Digital Day Clock features a large 8 inch screen and is designed to help people living with dementia or memory loss. The automatic nocturnal mode, dims the display between 7pm -7am making it perfect for bedroom use. Price £69.00

Friends & Family Emergency Auto Dial Plus

Auto Dial Plus gives you your freedom whilst offering friends and family the reassurance of knowing you can contact them noFriends & Family Emergency Auto Dial Plusmatter what.

When pressed, the SOS button will automatically call three landline or mobile numbers set by you, one after another until answered. The person receiving the call will be played your customized “help”; message and you can then talk to them through the pendant. Price £99.99

Please visit our website to see our full range of Christmas Gift Ideas.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S.  Please note that the last order date for guaranteeing goods to be with you before Christmas is Noon Wednesday 20th December 2017.

Mobility Christmas Gift Shop

Monday, December 4th, 2017 by morethan

Finding Christmas gifts can be a nightmare. But don’t worry, More Than Mobility has loads of great goodies to go under your tree! Buying Christmas presents is a breeze thanks to our carefully selected useful categories, which allow you to shop by amount you want to spend.

To make it easier for you; we have created our one-stop Christmas Gift Shop which has a range of mobility and disability gift ideas specifically selected according to quality and price offering you a range of gift ideas for all the family.   Prices start from as little £3.99!


Buying for your loved one, Mum and Dad or your grandparents? You’ll find something to please everyone amongst our gifts for him and her. A sack full of stocking fillers will also make faces light up on Xmas morning.

Gifts under £10BACK SCRUB

Gifts under £25

Gifts under £50

Gifts over £50

Please visit our website for the other great Christmas Gifts we have to offer.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

P.S.  Please note that the last order date for guaranteeing goods to be with you before Christmas is Noon Wednesday 20th December 2017.

Moving and Handling Mobility Products

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 by morethan

At More Than Mobility we sell a range of moving and handling mobility equipment ideal for use in your own home or in a care homes to help patients/residents who struggle to get around independently or require assistance and to ease the difficult task of transferring people with reduced mobility.

If you look after someone with an illness or a disability, you may need to help them move around i.e. getting in and out of bed, chair, car, bath, etc. It’s essential that you use these products to help moving safely so you do not hurt yourself or the patient.

Below are some products specially designed to assist.  Prices start from a little as £6.99.

  • Leg Lifterhelps with lifting legs.  Ideal for use after hip replacements.  Also thigh lifter available.
  • Seat Belt Reacher – convenient handle to help those who struggle to reach and grab their car seat belt.
  • handy handle Easy to fit to existing seat belt.
  • Flip a Grip – sturdy doorway support handle to assist with steps and transfers in the home.
  • Handy Handle – helps to stand/pull up and eliminate arm pulling.  Requires less energy to stand.
  • Turn Pad – low friction discs slide against each other to help you get in and out of chair or car seat.
  • Transfer Board and Transfer Belt – supports transfers to reduce risk of strain on carer.
  • EZ Stand and Goideal for individuals who have trouble from standing from a sofa, chair or recliner. Helps you stand with confidence without having to buy a rise and recliner chair.stand and go
  • PT Bed Cane – makes it easy to sit up and get in and out of bed.
  • Bath Lift – lightweight bath lift to help you get in and out of bath.

Please visit our website for our other great moving and handling products that we have available.

Best Wishesbed cane

More Than Mobility Team

Today is World MS Day: Wednesday 31st May

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 by morethan

Today is World MS Day and More Than Mobility & WMSD are asking you to share your tips for living well with multiple sclerosis. You might have solutions to challenges like remembering things, coping with stress and emotions, balance problems, managing bladder issues or dealing with fatigue.

People around the world are sharing their tips on #LifewithMS for World MS Day.

“Prioritise yourself, your mental health and your body. Don’t worry about what others think and don’t make concessions at the expense of your health. Do whatever you love to do.” Wissam, 34.  See an inspirational video from Wissam and others here.

If you or a loved one suffer from MS please visit our More Than Mobility website for a whole range of mobility products and daily living aids designed for MS sufferers:

Long Handle Bath Sponge – Bath Brush

The long handle bath sponge allows washing of difficult to reach places with minimal effort. Price £6.99

Aluminium Reacher

This aluminium reacher allows you to pick up or move items that would otherwise be out of reach.  Therefore preventing unnecessary movement or discomfort. Price £9.99

Easi Grip Garden Tools

These gardening tools are designed to minimise stress on the wrist so that the user can continue to work in the garden with less pain. Price from £14.99

Folding Walking Stick with Glow Grip Handle

A sturdy folding walking stick with a glow grip handle to help see in the dark. Height adjustable.  Price £12.99

Please visit our website for our other mobility products that we have available including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking aids, adjustable beds, rise and recline chairs, stair lifts and walk in baths and showers.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Benefits of Walking Daily and Walking Aids

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 by morethan

We recently had some good feedback from about one of our previous posts about keeping fit with walking football. Jen has recently completed a detailed, up-to-date 7,000 word guide on 50 amazing health benefits of walking daily, according to science.

To view her full guide you can see it online here or alternatively here are a summary of some of the main benefits to walking daily:

  • Walking can trim your waistline and reduce excess weight
  • Daily walking can improve your heart rate and manage high blood pressure
  • Reduce arthritis pain
  • Improve mental attitude
  • Improve your balance and co-ordination
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Helps build up strength and prevents falls for older persons
  • Helps with regular bathroom habits

Here are More Than Mobility we also recommend that you try to get out and about for a walk each day even if it just around the garden.  If you or a loved one are struggling with walking and are having difficulty getting about and it’s stopping you from doing things you want to do, then do consider getting some walking aids to help.

Walking aids can vary from a walking stick, crutches, cane seats, walking frames (tri-walkers or 4 wheel rollator with seat) or travel walkers.  We offer lightweight aluminium mobility walking aids in a wide range of models and sizes, so you are sure to find the right walking aid for your needs and your budget.

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

More Than Mobility Tips to Prevent Falls In Your Own Home

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 by morethan

Having a fall in your home is frightening, horrible and can lead to serious injury especially amongst the elderly and disabled. Unfortunately amongst the elderly if someone has regular falls this can lead to a higher mortality rate.  Therefore it is really important, wherever possible that you look at ways to prevent falls occurring in the first place.

There are many ways to prevent falling just by making small changes around the home or doing exercises to strengthen muscles.  Take a look at our useful More Than Mobility Tips To Prevent Falls in your own home below.  Also making changes will help you to overcome any fear you may have of falling.

Also discuss any falls you have had with your GP and say if it’s had any impact on your health. Your GP can carry out some simplebalance tests to check whether you are at an increased risk of falling in the future.

Avoiding falls at home

Below are some useful tips for preventing falls in the home:

  • immediately mopping up spillages
  • removing clutter, trailing wires and frayed carpet
  • using non-slip mats and rugs especially in the bathroom or where there are wet surfaces
  • using high-wattage light bulbs in lamps and torches, so you can see clearly
  • use a night light on corridors to help see at night when popping to the toilet
  • getting help to do things that you’re unable to do safely on your own like installing grab bars or toilet rails in the bathroom
  • organising your home so that climbing, stretching and bending are kept to a minimum, and to avoid bumping into things
  • installing a stair lift if you need to go up and down the stairs and are worried about falling on the stairs
  • using a walking stick, rollator or walking aid internally around the house to maintain your balance
  • not wearing loose-fitting, trailing clothes that might trip you up
  • not walking on slippery floors in socks or tights and ensure you have the correctly fitting footwear
  • wearing well-fitting shoes that are in good condition and support the ankle
  • taking care of your feet by trimming your toenails regularly and seeing a GP or chiropodist about any foot problems

Strength and balance training

Doing regular strength exercises and balance exercises can improve your strength and balance, and reduce your risk of having a fall. This can take the form of simple activities such as walking and dancing, or specialist training programmes.

Many community centres and local gyms offer specialist training programmes for older people. Exercises that can be carried out at home are also available. Your GP can help with this.

Read more about physical activity guidance for older adults.

Medication review

If you’re taking long-term medication, your GP should review your medicines at least once a year to make sure they’re still right for you. It’s particularly important that your medicines are reviewed if you’re taking four or more medicines a day.

Your GP may recommend alternative medication or lower doses if they feel the side effects increase your chances of having a fall. In some cases, it may be possible for the medication to be stopped.

See your GP or practice nurse if you haven’t had your medicines reviewed for more than a year, or if you’re concerned that the medications you or a relative are taking may increase the risk of falling.

Sight tests

You should make an appointment to have a sight test if you’re concerned that poor vision (even when wearing glasses) is increasing your risk of having a fall.

Find an optician near you.

Home hazard assessment

You can request a home hazard assessment if you’re concerned that you or a relative may be at risk of having a fall, or if you know someone who has recently had a fall. As well as identifying potential hazards, the aim of a home hazard assessment is to explore how a person’s actual use of the environment affects their risk of falling. A healthcare professional with experience in fall prevention will visit you or your relative’s home to identify potential hazards and advise on how to deal with them.

For example, as the bathroom is a common place where falls occur, many older people can benefit from having grab bars fitted to the inside of their bath to make it easier for them to get in and out.

Fitting a discreet monitoring package may also be recommended, so that you or your relative can signal for help in the event of a fall. An alternative would be to keep a mobile phone within reach, so it’s possible to phone for help after having a fall.


Drinking alcohol can lead to loss of co-ordination and exaggerate the effects of some medicines. This can significantly increase the risk of a fall, particularly in older people.

Avoiding alcohol or reducing the amount you drink can reduce your risk of having a fall. Excessive drinking can also contribute to the development of osteoporosis.

More Than Mobility supplies a range of mobility products to help with fall prevention around your home including walking aids, stair lifts, grab bars and toilet rails so do take a look at our website or call us on 0800 046 3949 for further advice.

Best wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Struggling with Walking? Take a look at our Walking Aids!

Monday, February 15th, 2016 by morethan

If you or a loved one are having difficulty getting about and it’s stopping you from doing things you want to do, then do consider getting some equipment to help.

We at More Than Mobility have a range of lightweight walking aids available. Weather you have an illness or muscle problems we have the walking aid to suit you. Repeated use of a walking aid can lead to changes in your abilities. The significance of these changes will depend on whether you are likely to use the walking aid for the long term or are recovering from an injury / condition and wish to discontinue or change your walking aid in future.

Walking aids can vary from a walking stick, crutches, cane seats, walking frames (tri-walkers or 4 wheel rollator with seat), travel walkers or zimmer frames.  We offer lightweight aluminium mobility walking aids in a wide range of models and sizes, so you are sure to find the right walking aid for your needs and your budget.

If you do decide to get a walking aid then aim for something that makes you feel safe and that helps you get around as naturally as you can.  You might also choose different equipment for different purposes i.e. you might find a walking stick is fine for indoors but you need a tri-walker or rollator to go to the shops.

Walking aids may help with one or more functions including:

  • Provision of greater stability and balance
  • Facilitate your walking pattern in terms of speed and evenness of stride
  • Help maintain an upright body posture
  • Increase your confidence in your walking ability
  • Weight redistribution – some of the weight carried through the legs when walking is transferred through the arms of the frame or stick as it is leant on for support.  This may help reduce pain in the joints, muscles and ligaments in the lower limbs.

Please check out some of our best-selling walking aid products below:

  • Walking Stick – foldable and adjustable walking sticks in choice of colours
  • Zimmer home walking frame – trustworthy, reliable and stable for use in and around the
  • home
  • Tri-wheel Walker – lightweight adjustable 3 wheel walker with carry bag
  • X Fold Rollator – 4 wheel rollator with seat – folds easily into compact size – perfect for when out and about and putting into the back of the car

Best Wishes

More Than Mobility Team

Struggle To Get Around No More With Our Walking Aids & Rollators

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 by morethan

Naturally as you get older you’re not as stable or quick on your feet as you used to be. That’s where Rollators and Walking Aids come in useful. They’re very useful for the elderly, or any other person who has difficulty getting around as easily as they used to. Our lightweight and easily foldable three and four wheel walkers and rollators are a perfect aid to help you with walking and will help you regain your independence again.

Not sure what to buy?

We stock a great selection of mobility walking aids that includes walking frames, rollators, zimmer frames, travel walkers, tri-walkers, and a whole lot more. We offer mobility walking aids in a wide range of models and sizes, so you are sure to find the right walking aids for your needs as well as your budget!

EZ Fold-N-Go WalkerWhat to buy for indoor use:

For getting around indoors, our basic walking frames are an ideal purchase as they help you to retain your independence at home.

What to buy for outdoor use:

For longer distances and getting around outdoors, why not invest in one of our top quality rollators. We have three-wheel and four-wheel rollators of varying sizes, and some can be folded away for ultimate convenience.

Here at More Than Mobility we’re a market leader in top quality walking aids and zimmer frames, and our entire selection of mobility walking aids. So shop online today! Or if you cannot find what you are looking for please call us on 0800 046 3949 and we will be happy to assist you further.

Kind regards

More Than Mobility