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Walking everyday could help delay disability

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 by morethan

Older adults could delay the risk of developing a disability and enhance their quality of life by taking a 20 minute walk daily.

Reduced mobility (the ability to walk unaided) becomes more common as we age and is a risk factor for illness, disability and hospitalisation.

US researchers followed the progress of over 1,600 men and women aged between 70 and 89. All were leading lifestyles with little or no physical activity at the beginning of the study, putting them at an increased risk for mobility-related disability.

The participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups and were monitored over the course of two years. The first group took part in a moderate-intensity physical activity programme, while the second group took part in a health education programme that focused on topics related to ageing.

The researchers found that the risk of major mobility-related disability fell by around 18% among those who took part in the exercise programme. They were more capable of walking unaided for about a quarter of a mile than those in the other group.

Overall, undertaking just a 20-minute walk every day had a beneficial effect.

Here at More Than Mobility we would like all elderly people to enjoy independent living and would encourage you to take that 20 minute walk daily.

However if you do have mobility issues then see our walking aids and rollator products.

More Than Mobility Team