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Charities of the Year


More Than Mobility is pleased to confirm they are supporting Arthritis Care and Contact the elderly as their two Official Charities.

For more information on each of our charities please see below.   We will be working with them on fundraising, distributing information and raising awareness through the year.  If you would like to support or get involved with these charities please contact us on 0800 046 3949.

We also work with other charities on an ad hoc local basis including Royal British Legion, Helen’s Trust, St Luke’s Hospice, Multiple Sclerosis Society and Parkinson’s Society.


Arthritis Care is for all people with all forms of arthritis.  It represents people with arthritis and involves them in developing and delivering its services.

There are around 10 million people with arthritis in the UK. That’s 10 million individuals, plus their families, each affected in a unique way.

From high quality information and support to empower you to take control of your arthritis, to campaigning for change… Arthritis Care is here for you.

What Arthritis Care does:-

For more information or support with arthritis please visit Arthritis Care website at or contact them on their free confidential helpline 0808 800 4050

Alternatively you can join their online community forums at  or become a member of Arthritis Care and receive member discounts, subscription to Arthritis News, etc. 

More Than Mobility is working with Arthritis Care to help raise donations and to provide information and support to our many customers who have arthritis both at a local level in their Northampton and Plymouth stores along with nationwide support through our website. 

If you kindly would like to donate to Arthritis Care please Donate Now


Contact the Elderly is a national charity and organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for people over 75 who live alone with little or no support from family and friends.

One Sunday afternoon a month volunteers use their car to take older members to and from a volunteer host’s home for tea, cake and companionship. Their hosts take it in turn to welcome the small group of older people and volunteer drivers into their home for a few hours.

These Sunday afternoon tea parties are a lifeline of friendship bringing older people and volunteers together for an afternoon of stories, laughter and conversation.

A unique service

Whilst they work closely with numerous statutory and voluntary organisations concerned with older people, their service remains unique by:

  • Providing a group activity that encourages:
    • discrete regular monitoring of the health and welfare of particularly vulnerable people
    • relationships to develop between older group members and volunteers
    • inter-generational links
  • Operating at weekends when most other services for older people are not available and Sundays can therefore be a particularly lonely day of the week, especially for older people who live alone. Many volunteers are unable to help within their community during the working week, and our volunteering opportunities fit in with a busy working life.
  • Offering private hospitality, often within a family environment - a rare alternative to the institutional day or residential care usually available to frail, older people.

Increasingly, evidence shows that loneliness and the associated social isolation of older people plays a pivotal role, affecting both their physical and mental health.

Social Services and other health providers use our services for older clients, especially depressed by isolation, knowing that it may help reverse the condition.

Contact the elderly has over 400 groups in England, Scotland and Wales helping over 3000 isolated lonely people feel part of the community they live in and giving them something to look forward to.   For more information on local groups please visit / 

How to get involved:-

  1. Be a Guest:  If you would like to be a Guest at your local monthly tea party for free please visit  for details on your local tea parties or alternatively apply via the application form
  2. Be a Volunteer:  If you would like to Volunteer to help with your local tea parties either via becoming a driver, host or co-ordinator please visit or apply via the application form
  3. Support:   If you would kindly like to donate to Contact the elderly please Donate Now 

For more information please visit Contact the elderly website at or contact them on their free helpline 0800 716543

More Than Mobility is working with Contact the elderly to help raise donations both at a local level in their Northampton and Plymouth stores to help fund local monthly tea parties along with nationwide support through our website.