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Scooter Store - New Product!


Securely store your mobility scooter outside your house!
The tough steel Scooter Safe protects from weather and vandalism.
While it stands safely outside its batteries can be charging ready for your next trip.

Online Price Promise

NEW PRODUCT.   FROM £1795 exc fitting.  

At last a way of keeping your vehicle securely stored outside the house!

The tough steel Scooter Safe protects your mobility scooter from weather and vandalism.   Call us on 0800 046 8136 for full no obligation quote or to place your order.

The Scooter Store from Site Safe is designed especially for owners of battery-powered mobility scooters and powerchairs. Just press a button, drive in and plug in to the power system.  No need to drag your vehicle through the house or mess about with heavy locks and covers. While it stands safely outside its batteries can be charging ready for your next trip.

Made from toughened steel, the Scooter Store is weatherproof and secure. And, while it's small enough not to be an eyesore (no planning permission needed), when open there's enough standing room for a sixfooter!

Key Benefits

  1. Strong, manufactured from 2mm steel with a powder coated finish.





  2. Protects your scooter from weather, vandalism, etc.
  3. Easy to operate push buttons for raising and lowering the lid.





  4. Lockable cuts the power to the operating mechanism.





  5. Charging point inside the store for vehicle charging.





  6. Standard, double and special store sizes available.





  7. Stores come flat packed to allow installation to awkward sites.





  8. Available in powered coated green finish - alternative colours available on request





  9. Stores can be relocated if required.





  10. Planning permission is not generally required as it is a temporary structure and is in no way secured to the floor.   We advise you to check locally before erecting.





The standard Scooter Store measures 5’ long x 4 wide x 3’6” high and is made using 2mm mild steel.  Alternative various sizes can be made on request if you have a larger or smaller scooter.  Alternatively you can buy a double Scooter Store which measures 5' long x 6' wide x 3'6" high.  The double store allows two scooters to be parked side by side.   Please call for pricing details.

The store weighs approximately half a ton and is delivered in a flat pack kit form for installation.  We provide a delivery and installation service and prices vary depending on distance and destination.

The store requires minimal maintenance, only oiling of the hinge and local at regular intervals.













































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