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Trabasack Mini


Slimline and Lightweight
Lap-desk and a bag in one!
Choice of lap trays
Perfect for ipads!

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Trabasack Mini - Slimline and Lightweight

Trabasack is a new concept lap tray: with a spacious bag to carry belongings and a bean bag base.  Its distinctive curved edge is ergonomicaly designed to hug the body's contours and fit snugly against your waist.

The Trabasack is a light weight lap tray that can be used as a bag too. Use it for food, drinks or working and playing on the move. It is ideal for buggies, chairs and carseats. For old or young alike. The range of straps supplied means it can be attached in variety of ways making it very versatile for different people and many carrying options as a backpack, briefcase or messenger bag.


The Trabasack Mini is a super slim lap tray bag but big enough for iPads, most notebook/netbook computers and smaller laptops. It looks like a smart briefcase or messenger bag and can be worn as a rucksack or shoulder bag. It has a firm faux-leather surface on one side, and a bean bag cushion insert on the other,  achieving a level surface wherever you want one.
A smart looking black bag that you can take anywhere. There is also a black version in the special Mini Connect tray that has a fabric surfce that you can attach things to with hook or velcro tape. 

Trabasack is machine washable at 30C and comes with a one year guarantee.  

The handles and choice of strap options means that you can take this lap tray anywhere. Use side straps to clip it onto a chair or buggy to create a travel play tray.

The Trabasack is suitable for adults and children.

Perfect as a lapdesk for netbooks, tablets and ipads and laptops.

Includes two long straps. These can be used as shoulder straps, rucksack straps or bum bag style waist straps.


  • Curved Edge Hugs Body's contours
  • Velcro Tray option
  • PVC Black leather look
  • Shower proof
  • Machine washable 30 degrees
  • Padded rim
  • Lightweight
  • Ring pull zips
  • Grab handles
  • Internal bag
  • Optional side straps
  • Multi D Rings

Size: 33 x 25 x 7.5cm  

Weight: 570g or 13 x 9.8 x 3 inches and 20 ozs

Choose your tray cover:

  • Trabasack Mini::  black leather style patterned surface. A hard wearing easily cleaned PVC tray cover. Black trim.  Priced £34.95
  • Trabasacak Mini Connect - soft Velcro ready surface that is easy to attach things to. Black Trim.  Priced £39.95


  • Side Straps - Great for securing any of the Trabasack products to buggies or chairs. One set is included with Curve/Curve Connect Trabasacks.  Price £6.95
  • Trabasack Mat - fits over the surface of a Trabasack Curve to help keep it clean.  Strong, thick, durable PVC.  Wipe clean or hand wash in soapy water.  Has a non slip webbing backing, so it is non slip on any flat surface.   Price £7.95
  • Trabasack Tapes - 120cm hook tapes with stick on backing. Sticks like Velcro to the Connect Tray surface.  Price £2.95




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