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MK-Battery GEL PAIR of 100AH Batteries TOP OF THE RANGE


Top of the Range!
Capacity At 20hr Rate: 97Ah
Dimensions(mm):329 Long, 171 Wide and 248 High

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MK Battery - GEL 100ah (£650 exc VAT = £780 inc VAT)

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Please note that mobility scooter batteries are not VAT exempt - therefore all our battery prices include a 20% charge for VAT.  In additional an additional delivery charges of £25 will occur for heavier batteries over 50amp


Part Number: 8G31DT
Voltage: 12V
Capacity At 20hr Rate: 97Ah
Reserve Capacity: 132 minutes
Dimensions(mm):   329Long   171Wide   248High
Terminal: Forged terminals & bushings

Completely maintenance free. Sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes and spills.

Benefits of an Advanced "Gel/Sealed" Battery

  • Last longer than comparable wet lead/acid and marine batteries.
  • Are approved by F.A.A, IATA, and UPS for airline and public transportation.
  • Do not need to be fully discharged before recharging.
  • Do not develop a "memory" that limits their recharging.
  • Do not need to be recharged with lower amps than wet lead/acid batteries.
  • Will not automatically discharge if put on concrete.
  • Deep Cycle Premium sealed batteries capable of up to 500 cycles that are fully laboratory tested.
  • Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte No liquid of any kind; battery is completely sealed. Safe in any position.
  • Maintenance Free Water is never added; low liability
  • Safety Sealed batteries have a special re-sealing vent system that prevents excessive internal pressure; thus they cannot explode under normal conditions.



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